NewPages opens a literary magazine webstore

Photo courtesy of Snap By Three

NewPages is in my RSS feed. It’s a good resource among many for writers who are submitting work to literary magazines. The site just announced the NewPages Magazine Webstore, an online storefront offering single issues of literary magazines. It is beautiful.

Prices for individual magazine issues in the webstore currently range from $4.50 to $18.95, plus tax and shipping. NewPages is shipping only to U.S. and Canadian addresses, but inquiries from customers in other countries are encouraged. I’m not affiliated in any way with NewPages.

If you’re just starting to submit creative writing to literary magazines, you should grab “The Writer’s Guide to Publishing in Literary Magazines and Entering Contests” by Ayelet Tsabari. It’s free. Tsabari’s certainly an example of the writers-are-generous-people meme. Do thank her, and don’t forget to pay it forward.

Another person to thank is John Fox, whose Ranking of Literary Journals links out to additional lists that use different selection criteria.

I’m gradually pruning defunct publications from my Delicious list of more than 4,000 that feature creative writing. By the time I finish updating the links, I’ll need to start over. By the way, I began updating from the far end of the list—the oldest links.

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