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Part 1: Online social networking for authors

Part 2: Special online social networks for authors

Part 3: Managing your online identities

Part 4: Launching a book’s website

Part 5: Starting an author’s blog and Author blogs and websites

Part 6: Book reviewers on the Web

Part 7: Free publicity for book authors

Part 8: Book video trailers

Interview Part 1 and Part 2: Sheila Clover English, Circle of Seven Productions

Guest blogger Sheila Clover English: What is the benefit of using a book video?

Chris Brogan advises authors how to find and join online discussions

Author interview podcasts and Author interview videos

FREE ebooks

A list of FREE ebooks about book marketing

Get the definition of platform

How to get your book reviewed

Generosity is a form of self-promotion

We’ll read the blogs that are useful or entertaining

Want publicity? Be discoverable.

How to assemble an author press kit (and why)

Authors, don’t throw in the towel when it comes to self-promotion

Don’t kill your book with a lousy description

Best blogs for advice on book marketing and publicity

Book publicity and marketing know-how, courtesy of Brian Feinblum

Are you engaging in conversations with the people who care about your writing?

Authors, are you using Goodreads?

Writing for literary arts and pop culture websites

Why blog, when you can shoot yourself in the foot?

Writers who take the initiative gain an advantage

Authors and humility

Fear of exposure

Routine maintenance: clean up your online profiles

Simple daily checklist for aspiring authors

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Joanna Penn, an author who calls herself an introvert, provides exceptionally good resources for writing, publishing, and marketing books at The Creative Penn.

Author Marketing Experts, Inc., is the encyclopedia of book marketing.

Get the whole book marketing enchilada, courtesy of Brian Feinblum, at the BookMarketingBuzzBlog.

Got all that? Dennis Cass, the author of Head Case: How I Almost Lost My Mind Trying to Understand My Brain, is feeling the pressure too:

Get Known Before the Book Deal, by Writer Mama Christina Katz, offers authors advice on building their platforms.

Thriller writer J.A. Konrath is giving away The Newbie’s Guide To Publishing Book, his PDF ebook.

Jane Friedman shares her no-nonsense Writing Advice and offers Draft Your Platform Action Plan: 5 Worksheets as free downloads.

Author, entrepreneur, social media expert, and speaker Chris Brogan lays out An Author’s Plan for Social Media Efforts.

New author Robin Black explains her approach in What, Me Market? (Book Marketing for the Clueless).

Dan Schawbel lists in Forbes the 5 Reasons why your online presence will replace your résumé in 10 years.

The folks at Berrett-Koehler Publishers put together a thoughtful tip sheet for authors, Social Networks and Online Affinity Groups, and were nice enough to include a link to Treated & Released. Thanks, BK!

Mary Hershey of Shrinking Violet Promotions presents An Interview with a Real Live Publicist: Random House’s Kathy Dunn.

Literary agent Andy Ross interviews Mary Bisbee-Beek, Freelance Book Publicist.

Looking for a case study? Jeff Rivera interviews Author Abiola Abrams: On How Writers Can Build a Platform.


Advice about starting a blog

Google Blogger: Blogger Buzz Introduction to Blogging Thinking of for Your Business?

Darren Rowse, ProBlogger: How to Blog: Blogging Tips for Beginners

Jason Kaneshiro: Ten Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Blog

Guy Kawasaki: How Blogging Promotes Books

Mike Wallagher: How to Start a Blog

John Saddington: How I’d Start (Restart) a Blog If I Were to Begin Today

Scott Allen: Should I Blog on My Own Website or a Blog Hosting Service?

Mashable: 40+ Free Blog Hosts (there are more)

Wikipedia: Blog and Microblogging

Robin Mizell: Starting an Author’s Blog and Author Blogs and Websites and We’ll read the blogs that are useful or entertaining

Jane Friedman: What Should Authors Blog About?

Tom Christensen: 3 Dos + 3 Don’ts—or, the Basics of Karma

Maria Schneider: 20 Tips for Good Blogging

Robert Lee Brewer: 25 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer: Author Blogging 101: Top 7 Strategies for Blog Marketing

Photoshop Tutorials by Jennifer Apple: Blog Tutorial – Tips for Blog Templates & Blog Design in Photoshop

Teaching Blog: 100 Tips, Tools, and Resources for Teaching Students about Social Media

Harold Rabinowitz: Blogging Is Not As Easy As It Looks

Jakob Nielsen: Write Articles, Not Blog Postings

Dan Blank: 2 Strategic and Compelling Reasons to Keep Blogging—Plus When to Kill a Blog

Legal tips for bloggers

Aviva Directory: 12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Legal Guide for Bloggers

Arts Law Center of Australia: Legal issues for bloggers

Digital Media Law Project: Legal Guide

Federal Trade Commission: FTC Publishes Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials

Center for Media & Social Impact at American University: Fair Use

Lloyd J. Jassin, Copylaw: Fair Use and Copyright Half-truths, 12 Copyright Permission Myths

The Copyright Advisory Office of Columbia University

Copyright Hub: Information about copyright in the UK

The Blog Herald: How to Provide Attribution in the Blogging World

American Press Institute: Strategy Studies

Essays on how it feels to be a blogger

Maxine Clarke: Place and Community

Jennifer Epstein: Lost in Blogland

Jeff Jarvis: The Value of This Blog

Errol Morris: Cartesian Blogging

Reginald Shepherd: All Kinds of Favors Fall From It: Some Thoughts on Becoming a Blogger

Gretchen Rubin: Social Media Happiness for Authors

Katie Couric: On the Importance of Social Media [a video interview by Brian Solis]

Marc Andreessen: Eleven Lessons Learned about Blogging, So Far

Jane Friedman: Audience Development for Writers: Your Life-Long Career Investment [Video]

What Every Literary Writer Needs To Know About the Digital Disruption: A Town Hall Debate from Grub Street [Video]

Et cetera

Amit Agarwal: [Poster] Which Creative Commons License is Right for Me?

The New York Times: Standards and Ethics

Reuters: Handbook of Journalism

Society of Professional Journalists: Collection of Codes of Ethics