Author interview videos

The acceptable caliber of online video and improved capabilities of the hardware used to view it are escalating the number of websites making author interview programs available. On the Web, the videos are at hand when the viewer chooses to watch, a considerable advantage over television’s programming schedules, which require audiences to sort through TV stations’ timetables.

Because author interview videos are proliferating online, only a few examples are listed here. Some are the Web counterparts of familiar television programs and some are the efforts of booksellers, publishers, and video production companies.

Interview collections and programs

[Updated on December 16, 2008]


BOA Editions
(audio podcast and video formats)

Barnes & Noble Studio
(audio podcast and video formats)

Book TV on C-SPAN2 and its archive, Booknotes

BookShorts Profiles

Bookwrap Podcast
(audio podcast and video formats)

Expanded Books
(audio podcast and video formats)
[Updated on May 18, 2008]
(If this link doesn’t work, enter “book” or “books” in the search box on the site.)

[Updated on May 14, 2008]

[Updated on June 10, 2008]

Meet the Author
[Updated on May 31, 2010]

North Carolina Bookwatch
[Updated on June 24, 2010]

RECtv Author Interviews Readers Entertainment

Strand TV

Writing Out Loud
[Updated on March 20, 2009]

Individual interviews

Lily Koppel and Florence Wolfson, author and subject of The Red Leather Diary: Reclaiming a Life through the Pages of a Lost Journal

Waterstone’s Books Quarterly: J.G. Ballard

Bernard Pivot’s Apostrophes: Vladimir Nabokov

Not an interview, per se, but a TED talk by one of my favorite authors, Amy Tan: “Where does creativity hide?”
[Updated on April 28, 2008]

Please feel free to leave a link to anything I’ve overlooked.

One Reply to “Author interview videos”

  1. BookShorts here — we now have a portal entirely dedicated to film based on authors and books – book trailers, book videos, short films adapted from books, book video web series and of course our favourites – video author interviews!

    Thanks for the article. I’ll make sure to share with our publishing and author clients. :)


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