Best blogs for advice on book marketing and publicity

Every author—this is an enormous blind spot for people—underestimates the amount of work involved in a book’s publicity campaign. Good publicity is the element of a book’s success that more writers overlook than any other aspect of publishing.

I’d go as far as saying that the lack of understanding about how to promote a book is the single most influential reason for the popularity of self-publishing. People simply don’t know what they don’t know about things they’ve never done before. Creating a book has become inexpensive enough that hundreds of thousands of people each year will learn firsthand, and often to their dismay, what it will take to sell a book.

Writers who are more strategic and methodical soon recognize the tactical advantage to be gained if they learn about self-promotion and put marketing and publicity strategies in place before their books are published. There are two steps: knowing and doing. Few authors will proceed to knowing, and an infinitely smaller group will take a crack at doing.

There you have it—the secret that most authors will never know, at least not until it’s too late.

Some writers work harder than others.

Authors can start knowing more about book marketing and publicity by studying the advice offered by the following bloggers. Serious writers will put the effort into doing what these bloggers recommend.

The Book Publicity Blog by Yen Cheong, enterprise community and collaboration specialist at Pearson

Chris Brogan, Human Business Works

Jane Friedman, asst. professor of e-media, University of Cincinnati

Meghan Ward’s Writerland

Paula Margulies, Paula Margulies Communications

A few years ago I posted A list of FREE ebooks about book marketing.

You know of bloggers who cover this topic with intelligence and humor. Please feel free to share your recommendations by leaving a comment.

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