Author blogs and websites

Author Blog Awards 2010CompletelyNovel, the online manuscript-sharing site that originated in the UK, has just released its shortlist for a contest in which registered site users nominated their favorite author blogs. Voting will continue through April 15, 2010, to select a winner. If you’re looking for ideas for the launch or redesign of your own blog, the Author Blog Award 2010 semifinalists, as well as the nominees, can provide inspiration.

Books Written By is a gallery of author websites that can serve as your benchmarks, if you’re planning a web presence that doesn’t include a news feature or blog. The usual recommendation, however, is to refresh the information on your site frequently, to give visitors a reason to return. The easiest way to provide updates is by using a blogging platform. Many author websites incorporate blogs or “news.”

In years past, I’ve posted and linked to advice about starting an author blog or establishing a web presence, and great new blogging, microblogging, and hosting services have continued to emerge. An attractive new service is Tumblr, recommended for graphics-heavy blogs. Part of your decision about which blogging platform to use should be based on the community that has evolved among users of a particular service. Each online community has its own style and rules of engagement.

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