Writing for literary arts and pop culture websites

One way for authors to attract a little extra attention is by writing articles, reviews, or blogposts for any of the established or up-and-coming online magazines devoted to literature and pop culture. Some of the sites have much larger readerships than an individual’s blog typically can attract.

Of course, money is always nice, but if a writer needs exposure as much as or more than payment, then the opportunity for publicity alone might be worth the effort involved in writing a short piece. Most readers won’t know whether the author was compensated for an article, so the quality of the contribution should always match the writer’s reputation or aspirations. At the same time, the author probably should think of the endeavor as volunteer work for a worthy cause, not an avenue to a paying gig.

To capitalize on the exposure each time their work is published, writers learn to compose effective contributor bios including their web addresses. Readers won’t take the time to search for information about an unfamiliar author unless prompted with a URL.

Quite a few literary websites are calling for contributors these days. A few are listed:

Still here

The Nervous Breakdown

The Good Men Project

The Millions

The Rumpus

Fairy Tale Magazine

Largehearted Boy

Write Hacked (formerly LiveHacked.com)


The Flaneur

Smith Journal

The American Mercury


The State


Elephant Journal

Paper Droids



All Those Wasted Hours


> Language > Place blog carnival


Passages North

Parenting Express


Brittle Paper


Paper Darts


If you know of any others like these, feel free to leave their URLs in the comments section.

2 Replies to “Writing for literary arts and pop culture websites”

  1. You’re welcome, Steph. It takes a lot of energy and hard work to get on and stay on people’s radar, so everyone at Paper Darts should be happy with what you’re accomplishing.

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