Litmags that specialize in literary travel writing

From my public literary magazine database, I’ve gathered a list of publications devoted to literary travel writing (usually not including space or time travel, for which there are many other outlets). The travel theme gives these journals an identity that appeals to someone like me, who enjoys meandering.

Did you know there’s an International Society for Travel Writing whose website includes information on conferences and publishing opportunities?

White Sands (Fré Sonneveld)
Photo courtesy of Fré Sonneveld

Don’t hesitate to tell me if I’ve overlooked your favorite literary magazine that specializes in travel writing. Perhaps I should have included better-known glossies like National Geographic and Travel + Leisure. I do like to read those at the dentist’s office.

Airplane Reading

Another Escape


Bunyan Velo

Cargo Literary


Coldnoon: Travel Poetics, International Journal of Travel Writing

The Collective Quarterly

The Culture-ist



Immersion Journals

The Journal of African Travel-Writing (no longer published)

Jungles in Paris

Literary Bohemian

Lodestars Anthology


Lowestoft Chronicle

Matador Network



Parks & Points

Perceptive Travel

Pure Slush: A Year of Travel (during 2014)

Roads & Kingdoms



Silk Road Review


Tales To Go


The Travel Almanac

Travel Classics

Travelers’ Tales: Editors’ Choice Flying Carpet

U Go Gurl



Yonder Journal

The Telegraph holds a weekly travel writing competition. Writers can email their entries.

Are you traveling and journaling this summer? Would you post a link to your story, if your travel writing is published this year? (This is a new blog theme. The comment link is just below the title for each post, which is a little counterintuitive, I think.)

Additional resource

The Review Review occasionally publishes lists of literary magazines that share a particular theme or orientation. Head on over there for the lowdown.

4 Replies to “Litmags that specialize in literary travel writing”

  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for the great list of literary magazines. Nowhere Mag has a great travel writing contest going on right now, with the top prize getting $1,000. I’m going to submit something I think. :-)

    Happy writing and reading!


  2. Thanks very much for compiling this list, Robin. A few of them are no longer publishing, but I came across several good prospective markets for a literary travel piece I’m shopping. This resource list made my research much easier.

  3. You’re welcome, Laura. It was nice of you to leave a note.

    I purged the list of its broken links. Thanks for pointing them out. It’s surprising, actually, that so many of these are still in business. That’s good!

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