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This growing collection of links to online book reviews is being compiled to demonstrate the considerable extent of the informed discussion of books. These sites will fascinate avid readers who appreciate being made aware of books that might have escaped their notice.

This list makes no distinction between publications that exist only in electronic format and those that are also available in print; however, the reader should be able to discern the difference upon following the links.

Broken links were fixed last on January 21, 2016. Repairs are in progress as of June 2021, and broken links in the (Almost) Exclusively nonfiction section have been fixed.

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(Almost) Exclusively nonfiction (Almost) Exclusively nonfiction
Literary Literary
Off the beaten path Off the beaten path
Opinionated or personality-driven Opinionated or personality-driven
Poetry Poetry
Romance Romance and mystery
Self-published books Strictly self-published and print-on-demand
Web directories of book review sites Web directories of book review sites

(Almost) Exclusively nonfiction (Almost) Exclusively nonfiction

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Arts & Letters Daily » New Books | The Chronicle of Higher Education
from Washington, DC, USA, aggregating literary criticism (since 1998)

Asia Times Online » Book Reviews
examining geopolitical, political, economic, and business literature (since 1999)

Commentary » Book Review | American Jewish Committee
in New York, NY, USA, questioning “the fate of democracy and of democratic ideas in a world threatened by totalitarian ideologies; the state of American and Western security; the future of the Jews, Judaism, and Jewish culture in Israel, the United States, and around the world; and the preservation of high culture in an age of political correctness and the collapse of critical standards”

Critical Inquiry » Book Review | University of Chicago Press

The Economist » Book reviews

Essay Daily | Editor: Ander Monson
publishing “critical/creative engagements with interesting essays (text and other), Q&As with essays or essayists, and reviews of essays, essay collections or book length essays, or literary journals that publish essays” at the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA (since 2010)

Forbes » Book Review

The Fountain » Book Review | The Light Inc./Tughra Books
in Clifton Park, NJ, USA, covering books on the humanities and sciences (since 1994)

Haaretz » Culture » Books
the English-language edition of Israel’s daily newspaper, whose parent publication is the New York Times, analyzing books covering Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish world

Himal Southasian » Reviews | The Southasia Trust
publishing reviews of books about Indians, Nepalis, Pakistanis, Afghans, Sri Lankans, Burmese, Tibetans, and Maldivians » Book Reviews | BBC History Magazine » History Article Topic Locator » Book Reviews | Weider History Group

HYLE: International Journal for Philosophy of Chemistry » Published Book Reviews | Editor: Joachim Schummer
originating in Berlin, Germany (since 1996)

The Inquisitive Mind » Book Reviews | In-Mind Foundation
reviewing books “on the hot trends in scientific social psychological research” (since 2013)

Law and Politics Book Review
sponsored by the Law and Courts Section of the American Political Science Association (since 1990)

Metapsychology Online Reviews

The Nation » Books & The Arts
“wag[ing] war upon the vices of violence, exaggeration, and misrepresentation by which so much of the political writing of the day is marred”

New Left Review
reviewing books about “world politics, the global economy, state powers and protest movements; contemporary social theory, history and philosophy; cinema, literature, heterodox art and aesthetics”

reviewing, in Paris, France, “tous les sujets qui résonnent dans nos têtes, qu’il s’agisse de politique ou de littérature, d’économie, de sciences ou d’autres thématiques” (since 2008)

The Objective Standard » Reviews
analyzing and evaluating books on foreign policy, the sciences, the arts, education, legislation, and ideas using “demonstrably objective standards”

Popular Science Book Reviews | Brian Clegg

Red Pepper
“a socialist publication drawing heavily on feminist, green, and libertarian politics” providing reviews of nonfiction books (since 2007)

Review 31 » Reviews | Sulaco Publishing Company Ltd.
scholars and journalists covering mainly new academic titles and other serious nonfiction in the humanities and social sciences—particularly politics, history, art, and literature (since 2011)

SMS Nonfiction Book Reviews | Kathleen Garber Bailey
from Windsor, Ontario, Canada (since 2003)

Special Needs Book Review | Lorna d’Entremont
in Nova Scotia, Canada, giving “parents and educators of special needs children an invaluable resource where they can read, search, comment and buy books that can directly benefit them and others”

Upping the Anti » Book Reviews
“reflect[ing] on the state of political organizing” from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Literary Literary

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A.V. Club » Books | Univision Communications Inc.
a department of The Onion in Chicago, IL, USA

The Age » Entertainment » Books
the daily newspaper of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, providing comprehensive coverage of books

The Atlantic » Books

The Australian » Arts » Books

Australian Book Review (ABR) | Editor: Peter Rose
based in Southbank, Victoria, Australia

Banipal » Book Reviews | Editor: Samuel Shimon
showcasing Arab authors and contemporary Arab literature in their original editions or in translation in English, Arabic, French, or German (since 1998)

Barnes & Noble Review | Editor-in-Chief: James Mustich
appraising current books, reconsidering past works, accommodating many voices, and “publishing exclusive material from a wide range of established critics, reviewers, and authors” (since 2007)

The Book Review | The Book Review Literary Trust
offering “critical, in-depth reviews of books published in India and abroad on a variety of subjects—social sciences, humanities, fiction, management, environment, art, culture, science, and children’s literature” (online since 2003)

covering interesting new titles from independent and university publishers (since 2006)

Booklist Online | American Library Association
“provid[ing] public and school librarians with reviews that help them decide what to buy”

Bookmarks Magazine
summarizing book reviews and celebrating books “with an intelligence and a wide-eyed enthusiasm”

Bookmunch | Editors: Valerie O’Riordan and Peter Wild

in Nashville, TN, USA, recommending new releases of every variety with unpretentious reviews tailored for the general reader

BookSmoke | Founder: Alex Masters
in London, UK (since 2015)

Books for Keeps
“reviewing hundreds of new children’s books each year” in the UK (since 1980)

Books from Finland » Reviews
(online since 2008)

The Boston Globe » Arts » Books

Brevity » Book Reviews | Editor: Debbie Hagan

The Cambridge Quarterly | Oxford University Press
“encourag[ing] the re-reading of familiar authors” and “new or neglected work”

The Caribbean Review of Books (CRB)
covering new Caribbean books and writing (since 2004)

Chicago Review of Books » Reviews
“cultivating awareness of diverse voices, settings, genres, and ideas in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, comics, and anything else that’s printed on paper” (since 2016)

Chicago Tribune » Life & Style » Books

China Book International | General Administration of Press and Publication
recommending Chinese books overseas (since 2007)

The Christian Science Monitor » All Books | The First Church of Christ, Scientist
in Boston, MA, USA

Claremont Review of Books (CRB) | The Claremont Institute
“offer[ing] bold arguments for a reinvigorated conservatism” (since 2000)

A Common Reader | Tom Cunliffe
a retired IT professional in East Sussex, UK, writing reviews of “literary fiction, biography, history, and current affairs with a particular interest in 20th century European books in translation” for his “own pleasure rather than to impart knowledge or to correct the opinions of others” (since 2008)

The Complete Review | Mitja Orthofer
focusing on international fiction and fiction in translation (since 1999)

Context | Dalkey Archive Press
creating an “international and historical context in which to read modern and contemporary literature”

The Critical Flame | Editor: Daniel E. Pritchard
continuing the discussion of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction “as book review sections around the United States floundered and the literary world searched for new models, new paradigms, and a new raison d’être” (since 2008)

Dactyl Review | Editor: Victoria N. Alexander
“accepting reviews of books by any living literary fiction writer and multiple reviews of the same book” (since 2010)

The Elegant Variation | Mark Sarvas
innovating among the litblogs, now in the form of an email newsletter (since 2003)

Entertainment Weekly » Books | Time Inc.

The Financial Times » Life & Arts » Books

The Fortnightly Review | Editors: Anthony O’Hear and Denis Boyles

Full Stop » Reviews
reviewing translations, books by young authors, and older works of fiction (since 2011)

The Globe and Mail » Arts » Book Reviews
in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Good Reading Magazine | Editor: Rowena Cseh
a former bookstore owner in Balmain, New South Wales, Australia, publishing “a ‘people’s magazine’ about books, a magazine that features reviews of literary books, award-winning books, but also of crime, romance, sci-fi, biography: books ordinary people like to read”

The Guardian » Books + Reviews

High Country News » Book Reviews
informing and inspiring in Paonia, CO, USA

The Hindu » Books » Reviews
India’s national newspaper, with a corporate office in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and a readership of about four million

The Horn Book | The Vistria Group
covering children’s books and YA literature (in print since 1924) » Arts & Entertainment » Books
from Washington, DC, USA, “covering everything from science and religion to media and technology to politics and popular culture”

Hungarian Literature Online (HLO) » Review | Editor: Ágnes Orzóy
promoting contemporary Hungarian literature in English (since 2004)

IcelandReview Online » Reviews » Books
providing “a new book review every month about a recently published Icelandic novel likely to be released internationally” (online since 1996)

The Independent » Culture » Books
in London, UK

Jacket2 » Reviews | Editor: Michelle Taransky
showcasing contemporary poetry and prose in association with PennSound at Kelly Writers House at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA, USA (since 1997)

Al Jadid » Books
in Cypress, CA, USA, publishing “reviews of the latest books on the Arab world and Arab America, across all scholastic disciplines,” including books published in Arabic, and an overview of Arabic books in the English language

January Magazine | Editor: Linda L. Richards
in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, treating books with “the respect, affection, and passion” they deserve (since 1997)

The Johannesburg Review of Books
in South Africa, “covering significant books from across the globe”

Kinna Reads » Book Reviews
in Ghana, sharing an enjoyment of world literature, especially that of African women writers, and offering the coverage with a Creative Commons license (since 2010)

Kirkus Reviews | Editor-in-Chief: Claiborne Smith
providing for the book trade early reviews of literary fiction and nonfiction

Korean Literature Now | Literature Translation Institute of Korea

Latin American Literature Today
in association with World Literature Today

The Liberal » Reviews | Editor: Benjamin Ramm
“first founded in 1822 by the Romantic poets Percy Shelley, Lord Byron and Leigh Hunt”

Library Journal » Reviews and School Library Journal » Reviews | The Vistria Group
two library trade publications from children’s book distributor Media Source, based in Plain City, OH, USA, which offers books to school and library markets through subscription services and also sells books to consumers through its subsidiaries MT Library Services, Inc. (known as the Junior Library Guild) and The Oxford Resources, Inc.

Library Media Connection (LMC) | Libraries Unlimited, ABC-CLIO
in Kettering, OH, USA, reviewing the latest books, software, videos, and online resources to “guide school librarians in their purchasing decisions” [available only by subscription]

The Literary Magazine of Swedish Books & Writers » Book review | LitteraturMagazinet/Framkant Media
in Stockholm, Sweden, reviewing the newest titles

Literary Review | Editor: Nancy Sladek
in London, UK, covering new books in history, biography, politics, travel, and fiction

The Literateur » Reviews | Editor: Kit Toda
(since 2009)

London Review of Books

Los Angeles Review (LAR) » Book Reviews | Red Hen Press
publishing a semi-annual literary journal (since 2003)

Los Angeles Review of Books (LARB) | Editor-in-Chief: Tom Lutz
in Glendale, CA, USA, offering “full-range book reviewing, covering everything from architecture to young adult fiction, from academic monographs to genre fiction, and from the latest publications to classic texts” (since 2011)

Los Angeles Times » Life & Style » Books

Maclean’s » Culture » Books | Rogers Media
Canada’s national weekly current affairs magazine offering reviews of new books

Le Magazine Littéraire » Critique | Sophia Publications
in Paris, France

Mary Okeke Reviews | Mary Okeke
in Barcelona, Spain, offering reviews with a Creative Commons license (since 2012)

Miami Herald » Entertainment » Books | The McClatchy Company

The Millions » Reviews | Editor: C. Max Magee
on Waywayanda Mountain in NJ, USA, discussing literature in a publication licensed under Creative Commons (since 2003)

Le Monde » Livres

The Monthly » The Monthly Book | Ramona Koval
in Collingwood, Victoria, Australia, offering reading notes, a video interview, and an online discussion of a chosen book (since 2013)

N1BR | n+1
from Brooklyn, NY, USA

NPR » Books
in Washington, DC, USA

The Nation » Books & Ideas
in New York, NY, USA

The National » Arts & Life » Books | Abu Dhabi Media
the English-language newspaper based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, covering new books (since 2008)

New Books in German | Goethe-Institut
in London, UK, exploring selected contemporary literature from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland (since 1999)

The New Criterion » Books
giving voice to “a wide range of young and established critics whose common aim is to bring you the most incisive criticism being written today” (since 1982)

New Internationalist » Mixed Media » Books

The New Rambler
in Chicago, IL, USA, reviewing books about ideas

New Republic » Books
covering a wide range of genres, including fiction, history, art, poetry, scholarship, philosophy, food, and children’s books (online since 2010)

New York Journal of Books
hoping “to preserve the tradition of excellence in book critique” (since 2010)

New York Magazine » Entertainment » Books

The New York Review of Books

The New York Times » Books

The New Yorker » Books & Fiction | Condé Nast

Newsday » Entertainment » Books
in Melville, NY, USA

The Northwest Review of Books » Reviews | A.M. Kaempf and Erin Kaempf
in Portland, OR, USA, “continu[ing] the discussion of valuable literature, whether it is new or old, famous or obscure” (since 2014)

NOW » Art & Books » Books | NOW Communications Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada’s weekly, including reviews of new books

The Oxonian Review
graduate members of the University of Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK, delivering essays and reviews of recently published work in literature, history, politics, science, and the arts (since 2001)

The Parsagon Review » Reviews
attempting to provide “a comprehensive database of the latest achievements of Iranian/Persian writers and artists in the world on the one hand, and archive the portfolios and reviews of their best works for the English readers” (since 2013) » Bücherschauen
in Berlin, Germany

Philadelphia Stories » Reviews
in Jenkintown, PA, USA (since 2004)

PopMatters » Books
providing intelligent, entertaining cultural criticism (since 1999)

Prick of the Spindle » Book Reviews
in Birmingham, AL, USA, covering cross-genre works, plays, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction (since 2007)

Prospect » Arts & Books
in London, UK

Publishers Weekly (PW) » Reviews | Owner: George Slowik, Jr.
in New York, NY, USA, offering to the book trade very brief reviews by freelancers

QBR: The Black Book Review
in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, USA, covering books about the African experience (since 1992) » Book review | Federal Foreign Office
in Bonn, Germany, reviewing books in an effort of the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (Federal Center for Political Education), Deutsche Welle, the Goethe Institut, and the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations) to promote dialogue with the Islamic world

The Radio 2 Book Club | BBC Radio 2

RALPH: The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities | The Reginald A Fessenden Educational Fund, Inc.
in San Diego, CA, USA, publishing “reviews that expose pomposity and arrogance and foolish pride, that expose the lack of grand writing and great plotting… [that] scorn predictability and ridicule the turgid and the bombastic… that praise the true artist—lauding the known and the unknown with equal fervor” (since 1994)

The Read Quarterly » Reviews | Sarah Odedina and Kate Manning
discussing children’s literature (since 2015)

Прочтение (Reading)
covering literature in Russia (since 2006)

ReadySteadyBook » Book Reviews | Editor: Mark Thwaite
reviewing fiction, poetry, history, and philosophy in association with The Book Depository (since 2002)

Richmond Times-Dispatch » Entertainment » Books | BH Media Group, Inc.
in Richmond, VA, USA

San Francisco Chronicle » Books | Hearst Communications

The Seattle Review of Books | Editors: Paul Constant and Martin McClellan
(since 2015)

The Second Pass | Editor: John Williams
in Brooklyn, NY, USA, presenting “reviews, essays, and blog posts about books new and old” (since 2009)

Shelf Awareness
a free email newsletter “dedicated to helping the people in stores, in libraries, and on the Web buy, sell, and lend books most wisely” (since 2005)

Slate » Books | Graham Holdings Company
(since 1996)

The Southern Reach » Book Reviews | Jeff VanderMeer
an author, editor, writing instructor, and publisher residing in Tallahassee, FL, USA, covering a variety of titles (since 2007)

The Spectator » Books
in London, UK, “the world’s longest continually published magazine in the English language” offering weekly reviews of books and poetry

Sydney Review of Books | Writing and Society Research Centre at the University of Western Sydney
providing “a venue in which Australian writers and critics can engage with books at length, a venue in which to rediscover the intimate connection between the art of criticism and the art of the essay” (since 2013)

The Telegraph » Culture » Books
in London, UK

The Times Literary Supplement (TLS) » Reviews | Editor: Peter Stothard
in London, UK, earning “an unrivalled reputation for intellectual rigour, impartiality—and curiosity”

Times Online » Book Reviews
in London, UK
[behind a paywall]

The Toronto Review of Books (TRB) | Editor-in-Chief: Jessica Duffin Wolfe
covering “print and e-books, but also anything else that intrigues” including “websites, art, policy, cloud formations, and everything in between” (since 2011)

Transitions Online (TOL) » Books
merged with Central Europe Review, covering books from the former communist countries of Europe and Central Asia (since 1999)

USA TODAY » Life » Books | Gannett Satellite Information Network, Inc.
in McLean, VA, USA

The Village Voice » Books
in New York, NY, USA

VOYA | E.L. Kurdyla Publishing LLC
in Bowie, MD, USA, reviewing 350 books in each issue “dedicated to the needs of young adult librarians, the advocacy of young adults, and the promotion of young adult literature and reading”

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) » Books | News Corporation
published by Dow Jones & Company in New York, NY, USA

Washington Independent Review of Books » Book Reviews | President: David O. Stewart
in Gaithersburg, MD, USA, covering “books spanning many genres, written by a variety of writers, some accomplished and some new on the scene, and published by presses both small and large” (since 2011)

The Washington Post » Entertainment » Books | Owner: Jeff Bezos
in Washington, DC, USA

The Washington Times » Books
in Washington, DC, USA

Women’s Review of Books (WRB) | Editor-in-Chief: Amy Hoffman
at Wellesley Centers for Women, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA, USA, featuring in-depth reviews of new books by and about women (since 2002)

Words Without Borders » Book Reviews
introducing international writing to the general public via Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, USA (since 2003)

World Literature Today » Book Reviews | Editor: Daniel Simon
founded as Books Abroad in 1927 at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK, USA, covering literature from around the globe

Off the beaten path Off the beaten path

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20SomethingReads » Reviews |

3:AM Magazine » Reviews | Editors-in-Chief: Andrew Gallix and David Winters
noting the “high-cool low-recognition avant-garde” (since 2000)

Affaire de Coeur
reviewing amoureux, YA, romance, suspense, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, LGTB, BDSM, and erotica in Oakland, CA, USA

African American Literature Book Club ( » Book Reviews | President: Troy Johnson
offering commissioned critiques of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry by and about African Americans (since 1997)

American Book Review | Editor: Jeffrey R. Di Leo
at the University of Houston-Victoria, Victoria, TX, USA, “specializ[ing] in reviews of frequently neglected published works of fiction, poetry, and literary and cultural criticism from small, regional, university, ethnic, avant-garde, and women’s presses”

The Baryon Review | Barry R. Hunter
in Rome, GA, USA, covering “recent and upcoming science fiction, fantasy, horror and other genre related books” (since 2007)

Belletrista » Reviews
in Westford, MA, USA, fostering “cross-cultural understanding through international literature written by women” (since 2009)

Best New Fiction
founded by alumni of the Queens University of Charlotte MFA in Creative Writing program and covering what its editors consider the best novels and short stories, taking “particular delight in introducing writers who aren’t yet so well known” (since 2015)

The Bloomsbury Review (TBR) | Editor-in-Chief: Marilyn Auer
in Denver, CO, USA

Bookgasm | Editor: Rod Lott
celebrating escapism, including “all kinds of genre fiction, from horror and sci-fi to mystery and suspense… graphic novels, trashy paperbacks, cheap magazines and other things that much of America pretends to be ashamed of, for no good reason” (since 2005) | Editor: Norm Goldman
providing, for a fee, a quick review by Goldman for individuals who wish to escape from “the literary stronghold of the current book reviewing establishment,” or, at no charge for books offered through, commentary by “a community of international reviewers from all corners of the world and from all walks of life”


Casual Debris
in Montréal, Québec, Canada, reviewing anthologies, lesser-known novels, and stories (since 2010)

Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries (Choice Reviews Online) | Association of College & Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association
reviewing “academic books, electronic media, and Internet resources of interest to those in higher education” (since 2008)

Christian Library Journal (CLJ)
in Florence, Oregon, USA (since 1995)

Clarion Review | Foreword Magazine, Inc.
in Traverse City, MI, USA, critiquing, for a fee of $499, titles not accepted for review in the traditional media

Cleaver Magazine » Book Reviews
in Philadelphia, PA, USA, covering books and chapbooks by small and independent presses (since 2013)

Conservative Teachers of America » Book Reviews | Editor: Andrew Palmer
in MO, USA, reviewing “great books for children, tweens, and young adults”

Emerging Writers Network | Daniel E. Wickett
in Westland, MI, USA, reviewing books by emerging and established writers deserving of wider recognition (since 2002) |

Falcata Times
covering science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, horror, crime fiction, and YA titles (since 2009)

Fantasy & SciFi Lovin’ Reviews
(since 2006)

Fantasy Literature
reviewing speculative fiction “published in an SFWA Qualifying Professional Market or analogous UK market” (since 2007)

Fiction Writers Review
“a community of emerging writers dedicated to reviewing, recommending, and discussing quality fiction—how it works and why it matters” (since 2008)

The Florentine » The Arts » Book Reviews
the English-language news magazine in Florence, Italy, reviewing books (since 2005)

Foreword Reviews | Foreword Magazine, Inc.
in Traverse City, MI, USA, offering pre-publication reviews

Gotta Write Network Book Reviews | Denise Fleischer
a novelist and newspaper editor in Chicago, IL, USA, reviewing children’s, mystery, romance, suspense, erotic, paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary novels, including small press and self-published books |
(since 2008)

The Horror Fiction Review
(since 2003)

IGN Entertainment » Comic » Reviews | Ziff Davis, Inc.

The Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society Miscellanea and Ephemeron » Book Review
(since 2008)

KGB Bar Lit Magazine » Book Reviews
in New York, NY, USA

Kids’ Book Review
“a 100% voluntary children’s literature and book review site that supports and features authors, illustrators and publishers Australia-wide and internationally” (since 2010)

KidsReads » Reviews |

Lambda Literary » Reviews
in New York, NY, USA, offering early reviews celebrating GLBT literature (online since 2010)

Late Night Library
in Portland, OR, USA, featuring reviews of new genre-bending fantasy, science fiction, mysteries, thrillers, crime fiction, translated books, comics, graphic novels, poetry, and nonfiction titles about book culture, prioritizing “books written by authors early in their careers”

Locus Online » Reviews and Index to Book Reviews | Editor: Mark R. Kelly
covering new science fiction books (since 2000)

Midwest Book Review | Editor-in-Chief: James A. Cox
in Oregon, WI, USA, generating reviews in all subjects, categories, and genres while giving “priority consideration to small press publishers, self-published authors, and academic presses”

Military Spouse Book Review | Andria Williams
from Monterey, CA, USA (since 2014)

Molossus | Editor-in-Chief: David Shook
a writer and translator in Los Angeles, CA, USA, “keen to review literature in translation & book arts editions of contemporary literature” (since 2008)

National Space Society » Book Reviews
in Washington, DC, USA, covering fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books about spacefaring civilizations (since 1993)

The Neglected Books Page
(since 2006)

The New Inquiry
reviewing books from small, independent, midsize, and academic publishers (since 2011)

NewPages Book Reviews
covering books published by independent presses and titles likely to be overlooked by the mainstream review media

One-Minute Book Reviews | Janice Harayda
former book editor and critic for the Cleveland Plain Dealer reviewing writers often slighted in other media (since 2006)

Pleiades Book Review Supplement
at the University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO, USA, discussing books published by small, independent, and university presses and books overlooked by other reviewers

Pulp Fiction Reviews | Ron Fortier
(since 2006)

Rain Taxi » Really Short Reviews | Editor: Eric Lorberer
in Minneapolis, MN, USA, publishing reviews of literary fiction, poetry, and nonfiction “with an emphasis on works that push the boundaries of language, narrative, and genre” (since 1999)

Read. Breathe. Relax. » Reviews
covering YA and speculative fiction (since 2011)

Reading in Translation
offering translators’ reviews of translated books (since 2013)

The Review of Contemporary Fiction | Dalkey Archive Press
covering recent works of innovative writing
[behind a paywall]

RobAroundBooks | Robert J. Burdock
a “literary evangelist” in Fife, Scotland, UK, focusing on genres and forms that are underrepresented: translated fiction, short fiction, essays, literary nonfiction, and general fiction

SF Signal » Book review
(since 2003)

Sabotage Reviews | Founding Editor: Claire Trévien
covering “pamphlets, small presses, poetry and fiction magazines, manifestos, online journals, stapled pieces of paper, installation poetry, performed poetry” (since 2010)

Science Fiction World (SFW) » Books | Editors: John Howell and Gerard Wood
providing unique perspectives on fiction, “whether you label it SF, sci-fi, speculative fiction, magical realism, fantasy, phantasy, or just plain science fiction and fantasy,” from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (since 2007)

Seeing the World Through Books | Mary Whipple
reviewing books from which she is “able to gain a different perspective and a deeper appreciation of the cultural similarities and differences between life in the U.S. and life in other parts of the world” (since 2008) | Review Editor: Michael D. Griffiths
in Flagstaff, AZ, USA, posting volunteers’ evaluations of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, including POD titles, ebooks, and chapbooks (since 2000)

Shelf Unbound
in Richardson, TX, USA, “distill[ing] the best of independent publishing into a digital magazine for the iPad generation” (since 2010)

The Short Review » Story Collection Reviews | Editor: Diane Becker
offering “original reviews of new, not-quite-so-new and classic collections” of short stories (since 2007)

Small Press Reviews | Marc Schuster
“a writer of fiction and nonfiction who also dabbles in the comic strip medium” reviewing books published by small and independent presses (since 2007)

Speculative Fiction in Translation » Reviews | Rachel S. Cordasco
providing reviews of the latest translated spec fic and an always-updated bibliography of every translated work of speculative fiction (since 2016)

Strange Horizons » Reviews
reviewing speculative fiction: “science fiction, fantasy, magic realism, slipstream, and a host of subgenres” (since 2000)

Street Fiction | Creator: Daniel Marcou
“dedicated to reviewing street fiction, also known as urban fiction, street lit, or gangsta fiction… [that exposes] the reader to drugs, violence, sex, and and the gritty realities of street life in urban America” (since 2007)

Tangent | Editor: Dave Truesdale
providing coverage of “as much of the professional short fiction venues in the fields of science-fiction and fantasy as possible” including “original and reprint collections and anthologies” (since 1993)

Teenreads » Reviews | A Journal of the Built + Natural Environments » Reviews + Reads
from Tucson, AZ, USA (since 1998)

Transcript | Literature Across Frontiers
reviewing “books and writing from around Europe… to promote quality literature written in the ‘smaller’ languages and to give wider circulation to material from small-language literary publications through the medium of English, French, and German”

Urban Fantasy Land | Sara Walker
in Cameron, Ontario, Canada, covering dark “fantasy in a contemporary, urban setting that usually stars a kickass hero/ine, centers around a mystery…” and “…includes a relationship/romance that usually does not end happily ever after” (since 2008)

Urban Fiction News » Reviews | K.C. Baylor

Urban Teen Fiction
covering “urban fiction, also known as street fiction, street lit, or gangsta fiction, that appeals to teen readers” (since 2009)

Vulpes Libris
presenting a UK collective of bibliophiles writing about books (since 2007)

Winstonsdad’sblog | Stu J. Allen
reviewing translated books in Sussex, UK (since 2012)

Wormwood | Editor: Mark Valentine
from Kildwick, Keighley, West Yorkshire, UK, discussing “the fantastic, supernatural, and decadent in literature …surveying recently published but overlooked books …reappraising titles from the past” (since 2003)

Opinionated or personality-driven Opinionated or personality-driven

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Acculturated » Books | Templeton Press
from West Conshohocken, PA, USA (since 2015)

Acid Free Pulp » Book Reviews
in New York, NY, USA (since 2011)

America, The National Catholic Review » Books | America Press, Inc.
in New York, NY, USA

Asylum: John Self’s Shelves | John Self
in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK (since 2007)

The Barcelona Review » Book Reviews
“the Web’s first multi-lingual review of international, contemporary cutting-edge fiction”—English, Spanish, and Catalan (since 1997)

Becky’s Book Reviews
reviewing books and audio books written for middle-grade, ‘tween, teen, and adult readers (since 2007)

BigAl’s Books and Pals
reviewing self-published books and books published by independent presses

Blogcritics » Books
posting bloggers’ book reviews (since 2003)

Bloomberg » Books
in New York, NY, USA

The Book Geek | Emily May
in the UK, covering mostly YA and NA fiction

Book Geeks
providing book reviews and author interviews from Hospet, Karnataka, India

Book Riot | Riot New Media Group
(since 2011)

BookCunt » Review
in London, UK (since 2011) | Douglas J. Malcolm
reviewing books for free or for a fee (since 1997)

BookLoons | Editor: Hilary Williamson
an omnivorous reader and former telecommunications ergonomics and software development manager publishing the opinions of book lovers from all walks of life (since 2000)

in Chicago, IL, USA

Bookreporter |
posting volunteers’ reviews of “bestsellers, contemporary fiction, historical fiction, debut authors, mysteries, thrillers, some fantasy/science fiction and some romance” (since 1996)

Books & Culture: A Christian Review
communicating the mission of ChristianityToday International

Books Worth Reading | Shannon Turlington
reviewing speculative fiction books published in the 21st century

bookshy: an African book lover » Reviews by Author
celebrating contemporary African literature (since 2011)

Bookviews by Alan Caruba | Alan Caruba
in South Orange, NJ, USA, “prefer[ring] to recommend the good books, selected from a vast flood” (since 2002)

BreeniBooks | Sabrina Williams Brawley
in Kannapolis, NC, USA, reviewing traditional and self-published books (since 2007)

The Brooklyn Rail
in Brooklyn, NY, USA, delivering “slanted opinions, artfully” (since 2000)

Cheryl Rainfield » Book Reviews
an avid reader, teen fiction author, and bookaholic recommending children’s picture books and teen books

Chrisbookarama » Book Reviews
a stay-at-home mom in Nova Scotia, Canada, giving fair, honest reviews (since 2007)

Collected Miscellany » Reviews | Kevin Holtsberry
a policy and public affairs analyst in Columbus, OH, USA, pursuing a “lifelong addiction to books” (since 2003)

The Compulsive Reader | Editor: Magdalena Ball
a poet and author in New South Wales, Australia, giving “in-depth, informative and witty reviews on a wide range of books, both newly released and classic” (since 2001)

Contrary Blog » Reviews
commenting on books “independently and without a thought of profit on the South Side of Chicago,” IL, USA (since 2003)

Cornflower Books | Karen Howlett
a “wife, mother, former lawyer” in the UK writing about books (since 2011)

Credo » Book Reviews
reviewing “some of the most recent books in Christian theology and literature” in a “self-consciously Evangelical, Reformational, and Baptistic” manner (since 2011)

Crime Fiction Dossier » Reviews | David J. Montgomery
writing “award-losing commentary” on crime fiction, including mystery and thriller novels (since 2010)

Curled Up with a Good Book
in Sioux Falls, SD, USA, reviewing general fiction, chick lit, romance, science fiction, fantasy, graphic novels, nonfiction, audiobooks, and children’s books for a fee

The Daily Beast » Books
formerly Read This Skip That » We Read It—and prior to that, Newsweek » We Read It So You Don’t Have To—covering newsy books from “the merciless point of view of what interests the editors” (since 2009)

Danny Yee’s Book Reviews | Danny Yee
a computer systems manager covering fiction and nonfiction, with a broad range of genre and subject (since 1993)

Darryl’s Library | Darryl Sloan
a science fiction novelist and independent film producer living in Northern Ireland, UK, covering anything from bestsellers to self-published books (since 2006)

David’s Book World | David Hebblethwaite
from Berkshire, UK, remarking on fiction in translation and from around the globe (since 2009)

dovegreyreader scribbles | Lynne Hatwell
documenting a Devonshire, UK, community nurse’s “bookaholism” (since 2004)

Euro Crime » Titles Reviewed
“focusing purely on British and other European crime fiction writers that have been published in English” (since 2005)

FamilyFiction » Book Reviews
devoted to fans of Christian fiction

Fantastic Book Review | Tina Currie
a Memphis, TN, USA, “bookaholic with a special love for all things fantasy and supernatural” reviewing YA and adult titles (since 2009)

Fantasy-Faction » Reviews
recommending good books in the fantasy genre and discussing them “in an academic and enjoyable way” (since 2012)

Feisty Little Woman » Book Reviews | Steph Furlan
from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, publishing “book reviews about kick-ass women” (since 2011)

Fyrefly’s Book Blog
sharing a passion for “fantasy and sci-fi, young adult fiction, historical fiction, literary fiction, and an increasing amount of non-fiction (primarily pop-sci books and microhistories)” (since 2006)

The Gates Notes » Books Reviewed | Bill Gates
a technologist, business leader, and philanthropist commenting on what he learns from the books he reads

Genrefluent | Diana Tixier Herald
reviewing a variety of genres, including crime fiction, science fiction, adventure, thrillers, romance, fantasy, horror, paranormal, historical fiction, westerns, and romance (since 1996)

Grasping for the Wind » Reviews » Books by Author | John Ottinger III
a sixth-grade teacher in Melbourne, FL, USA, reviewing mostly fantasy and science fiction (since 2005)

Hackwriters » Reviews
in the UK (since 1999)

Holt Uncensored » Book Reviews | Pat Holt
a former book review editor and critic for the San Francisco Chronicle commenting irreverently (since 1998)

In Bed With Books
a book lover in Texas, USA, who began posting reviews on her blog at age 19 (since 2008)

The Internet Review of Books
attempting to “provide high-quality, in-depth reviews of current books covering a variety of topics that will interest fans of both nonfiction and fiction” (since 2007)

James Murua’s Literature Blog » Reviews
reviewing African literature from Nairobi, Kenya (since 2012)

Jen Campbell » Jen Recommends
using videos to briefly describe and helpfully link to favorite books (since 2015)

Jenn’s Bookshelves » Review | Jennifer Lawrence
a full-time mother in Arlington, VA, USA, honestly reviewing literary, mainstream, and women’s fiction; suspense, thriller, and horror novels; and YA fiction (since 2008)

Joseph’s Reviews | Joseph and Ruta Arellano
attempting to provide honest reviews “while always including a positive statement or two” (since 2009)

Kitab Dost
making available a place for reviews of Urdu books (since 2007)

Laila Lalami » Book Reviews/Recommendations
a novelist and associate professor at the University of California Riverside, formerly known as the blogger Moorish Girl, recommending a few notable books each month (since 2003)

The Latin American Review of Books
covering “with attitude” all things Latin American, including, for a fee, independently published books (since 2005)

LitChat » Book Reviews | Carolyn Burns Bass
in affiliation with the one-hour Twitter #litchat that occurs each Monday at 4:00 p.m. EST (since 2009)

Literary Fiction Book Review | Susan Krieg
in Mountain View, California, USA, offering brief reviews with star ratings (since 2014)

Literary Kicks » Reviews | Levi Asher
from Forest Hills, New York, USA (since 1994)

Luxury Reading
a team of reviewers covering books and ebooks of all genres (since 2009)

M&C (Monsters and Critics) » Books
in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, providing a broad source of brief reviews by staff writers and freelancers across the globe (since 2003)

mischief and miscellany | Debbie Kinsey
in the UK, covering “literary fiction, short stories, graphic novels, fiction in translation, classics, contemporary fiction, and all sorts in between,” preferring “books with ambiguity and those that have a dark edge” (since 2011)

The Mumpsimus | Matthew Cheney
a high school teacher persistently reviewing the unusual (since 2003)

The New Black Magazine » Books & Literature | Editor-in-Chief: Shola Adenekan
in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK, “speak[ing] from the heart to give voice to conviction and strong opinions” about books, while knowing that doing so might not please everyone

Nina Sankovitch
a memoirist and avid reader reviewing books and participating in book club discussions (since 2008)

Open Letters Monthly
in Boston, MA, USA, engaging in enthusiastic criticism and commentary on a broad spectrum of literature and art (since 2007)

Orion Magazine » Reviews
in Great Barrington, MA, USA, focusing on literature devoted to environmental and cultural concerns

Pajiba » Books
engaging in scathing “guerilla criticism” (since 2006)

Paste » Books
in Decatur, GA, USA, bringing readers brief reviews of popular and alternative titles (since 2002)

People » Book Reviews Index Archive
courtesy of EarlyWord and Above the Treeline, an index to People magazine’s book review sections (since 2010)

Public Books
affiliated with the print journal Public Culture, “devoted to spirited debate about books and the arts” (since 2012)

The Quarterly Conversation » Book Reviews | Editor: Scott Esposito
approaching book criticism from original and provocative perspectives in San Francisco, CA, USA (since 2006)

The Quietus » Tome on the Range
in the UK (since 2008)

Rabbit Ears Book Blog | Ronyell Coaxum
covering picture books, graphic novels, romance, and other genres (since 2012)

Revish » Reviews | Dan Champion
allowing an online community of book lovers to share their reading experiences in the form of unedited reviews (since 2006)

Riveting Reviews | Editor: Rosie Goldsmith
an endeavor of the European Literature Network in London, UK, “raising the profile of international literature” (since 2015)

Savidge Reads » Review | Simon Savidge
a features editor for a men’s lifestyle glossy reviewing books in Liverpool, Merseyside, UK (since 2007)

Semicolon » Saturday Reviews | Sherry Early
a conservative Christian homeschool teacher and bookreading fanatic in Houston, TX, USA, linking to bloggers’ book reviews (since 2003)

She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain.
writing honest reviews (since 2010)

Sheila Deeth Reads…
reviewing Christian books, suspense, mystery, romance, humor, science fiction, historical fiction, children’s and young adult books, poetry collections, and cookbooks (since 2008)

Shiny New Books
suggesting “what to read next and why” from among books that have had print publication in the UK (since 2014)

Shots » Crime Fiction Book Reviews
from London, UK (since 2001)

Speculative Book Review
(since 2010)

Spiked Review of Books | Editor: Brendan O’Neill
from London, UK, suggesting you “dry your tears over your paper’s shrinking books section” and go “where no books will be burnt though the debate will get heated” (since 2007)

The Stranger » Books
in Seattle, WA, USA

Tablet » Arts & Culture » Books | Nextbook Inc.
offering “a new read on Jewish culture” (since 2003)

Thriller Books Journal » Reviews
(since 2014)

Through the Looking Glass Children’s Book Review | Editor: Marya Jansen-Gruber
in Ashland, OR, USA

Truthdig » Arts & Culture » Book Review | Editor-in-Chief: Robert Scheer
Santa Monica, CA, USA, providing “thoughtful, provocative content assembled from a progressive point of view”

Tweed’s » Book Blog » Book Reviews | Editors: Randy Rosenthal and Laura Mae Isaacman
from Brooklyn, NY, USA

Typographical Era » Book Reviews
giving star ratings to literary texts (since 2013)

The Wall Street Journal » Opinion » Book Reviews | News Corporation
published by Dow Jones & Company in New York, NY, USA

Wawa Book Review
in Abuja, Nigeria, focusing on books from African publishers (since 2015)

We Love This Book » Reviews | The Bookseller
from the UK (since 2011)

Wired » Book Review | Condé Nast
(since 2013)

Writers Write » Book Reviews
featuring book recommendations (since 2003)

The Yale Review | Yale University
publishing the oldest undergraduate book review in the USA in New Haven, CT

Poetry Poetry

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Ambit » Reviews
publishing “a small dose of unstuffy poetry reviews”
[requires a subscription]

Cleaver Magazine » Review Archives » Poetry Reviews
in Philadelphia, PA, USA, covering books and chapbooks by small and independent presses (since 2013)

Coldfront » Reviews
“toiling over a stack of recent releases to bring you reviews of books from new and established poets, as they appear in print” (since 2006)

The Constant Critic » New Reviews
from New York, NY, USA (since 2003)

Contemporary Poetry Review » Reviews
recognizing that poetry can be made available to “every human being that has access to a computer” (since 1998)

Cordite Poetry Review » Book Reviews
covering Australian poetry and poetics from Carlton South, Victoria, Australia (since 2000)

Foreword Reviews » Books Reviewed » Poetry | Foreword Magazine, Inc.

The Fortnightly Review » Notes & Comment | Editors: Anthony O’Hear and Denis Boyles

Jacket2 » Reviews | Reviews Editor: Michelle Taransky
showcasing contemporary poetry and prose in association with PennSound at Kelly Writers House at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA, USA (since 1997)

Parnassus: Poetry in Review
remaining committed “to a spirit of inclusion and an openness to the new” in New York, NY, USA (in print since 1973)

Poetry | Poetry Foundation
in Chicago, IL, USA

Poetry Daily | Editors: Don Selby and Diane Boller
in Charlottesville, VA, USA, making it “easier for people to find poets and poetry they like” (since 1997)

Poetry Ireland Review Online Archive
in Dublin, Ireland

Poetry Matters » Reviews | Tower Poetry
reviewing books “with an eye to introducing readers to contemporary verse, and allowing them to choose for themselves from among the different styles and voices of new poetry in Britain and Ireland” from Christ Church, Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK (since 2013)

Poets’ Graves » Poetry Book Reviews | Cameron Self
a poet, mystery novelist, and student finance adviser at City College, Norwich, Norfolk, UK, offering commentary (since 2003)

Poets’ Quarterly
covering poetry books and chapbooks (since 2009)

Poets@Work » Poetry Book Reviews

Publishers Weekly Poetry Reviews | Editor: Alex Crowley

The Review Review » Journals That Review Poetry | Editor: Becky Tuch
listing journals that review chapbooks

Scout | Editors: Kathleen Ossip and Spencer Short
offering “a steady stream of short, smart, well-constructed poetry reviews with the sole goal of understanding (and then describing) books of contemporary poetry on their own terms” (since 2015)

SHARKPACK Poetry Review | Editor: Joseph Spece
“seek[ing] to create a space for pithy, incisive reviews of contemporary poems and poetry of the living past—poems as stand-alone art objects, extant outside the context of books and anthologies” (since 2011)

The Shearsman Review » Book Reviews | Shearsman Books Ltd.
in Bristol, Bristol, UK, covering “famous old books, unknown new books, unjustly neglected books and generally all those poetry volumes that… should be read by right-thinking readers”

Washington Independent Review of Books » Poetry Review
in Gaithersburg, MD, USA

Web Del Sol Review of Books | Editors: Ilya Kaminsky and Elizabeth Myhr
reviewing poetry (since 2004)

Romance Romance and mystery

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All About Romance » Reviews
providing balanced commentary provided by reviewers worldwide (since 1997)

At the Scene of the Crime
covering mysteries (since 2011)

Book Binge
reviewing romance, YA, New Adult, urban fantasy, science fiction, erotica, and “anything else that catches our fancy” in Southern CA, USA (since 2007)

The Book Smugglers | Thea James and Ana Grilo
in Los Angeles, CA, USA, and Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK, reviewing romance and speculative fiction (since 2008)

Classic Mysteries | Les Blatt
a veteran journalist covering fine detective stories

Clerical Detectives | Philip Grosset
(since 2005)

Crime Scene Reviews | Richard Demma
from San Francisco, CA, USA, reviewing “crime and mystery fiction that helps us explore the deeper mysteries of the human heart, its conflicts and moral struggles, its search for meaning and purpose, its yearning for a spiritual dimension to human existence”

Dear Author » Book Reviews
providing reader reviews of romance novels, including manga and ebooks (since 2006)

florilegium444 | William I. Lengeman III
formerly Traditional Mysteries

The Good, The Bad, and The Unread » Review

Historical Tapestry

Hot Sauce Reviews » Book Reviews
the former Mrs. Giggles in Malaysia (since 1999)

The Life Sentence » Book Reviews
offering stimulating criticism of sophisticated crime fiction, noir, thrillers, true crime, mysteries, and cozies

Mystery Scene » Reviews
from New York, NY, USA

Mystery Tribune
from New York, NY, USA

New Mystery Reader | Editor: Stephanie Padilla

RT Book Reviews
formerly Romantic Times Book Reviews, in Brooklyn, NY, USA

Romance Reader at Heart » Book Reviews
(since 2001)

The Romance Studio » Reviews | Owner: Tina Pavlik
in Christiansburg, VA, USA, presenting reviews of romance novels from established publishers, including erotic, inspirational, alternative lifestyle, BDSM, and gothic romance (since 2003)

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books | Sarah Wendell
reviewing romance novels, “since reading and appreciating literary fiction obviously requires superior mental faculties” (since 2005)

Stop, You’re Killing Me! | Lucinda Surber
(since 1998)

The Strand Magazine » Reviews
in Birmingham, MI, USA, “examin[ing] the latest mystery offerings, covering books, anthologies, audio books, and videos” (since 2005)

Vampire Romance Books » Book Reviews
(since 2006)

Self-published Strictly self-published and print-on-demand

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Note: The companies above that charge fees for reviews also cover self-published books.

BlueInk Reviews » Book Reviews | Founders: Jody Rein, Patti Thorn, Patricia Moosbrugger
in Denver, CO, USA, book editors and literary agents reviewing self-published books for a fee (since 2010)

Book Reviewer Yellow Pages » Book Reviewer List | Christy Pinheiro and Nick Russell
from the owners of Defiant Press International in Elk Grove, CA, USA

BookLife and PW Select | PWxyz LLC
Publishers Weekly‘s site dedicated to self-publishing (since 2010)

The Historical Novels Review » Reviews » Indie | Historical Novel Society
covering subsidy-published and self-published historical novels, including those in ebook and POD formats (since 2004)

IndieReader » Book Reviews | Founder: Amy Edelman
in Montclair, New Jersey, USA, reviewing only self-published books for a fee of $100–$150 with no guarantee of a favorable reaction

Kaye Trout’s Book Reviews | Kaye Trout
reviewing POD books for $25 in Pagosa Springs, CO, USA (since 2006)

Kirkus Indie
offering, in a product separate from Kirkus early reviews, a fee-based review service for books that are self-published (since 2004)

One Monkey, One Typewriter: I Do Reviews! | Leo Stableford
a novelist living in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, UK, reviewing self-published genre fiction, which he describes in this fashion: “Basically, there’s usually a body count in the books, a romance is at the very least hinted at, some swash is buckled and someone is likely to have a cool one liner at some point” (since 2006)

The New Podler Review of Books
formerly the PODler, “reviewing the independent novel published through print-on-demand technology” (since 2007)

POD People | Editors: Emily Veinglory, Chris Gerrib, and Penny Skinner
commenting on self-published books (since 2006)

Portland Book Review (PBR) | Smyth Enterprises, LLC
(since 2011)

San Diego Book Review
(since 2014)

San Francisco Book Review and Tulsa Book Review | 1776 Productions, LLC
located in Sacramento, CA, USA, covering books released within the past 90 days, including reviews for a fee

The Self-Publishing Magazine » Readers’ Review Magazine | Troubador Publishing Ltd.
in Leicester, Leicestershire, UK, reviewing only self-published books

Self-Publishing Review (SPR) » Book Reviews | Henry and Cate Baum
offering reviews for a fee of $109 in Los Angeles, CA, USA (since 2008)

Web directories of book review sites Web directories of book review sites

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Book Blogs Search Engine and list of currently included blogs

BookSpot » Book Reviews

The Complete Review | Mitja Orthofer
focusing on international fiction and fiction in translation (since 1999)

Danny Yee’s List of Other Book Reviewers, Book Review Sites & Links

aggregating book reviews and scoring books

Indie Book Reviewer
“organized by genre, this directory lists book bloggers interested in independently published works”

Kirkus » Meet the Authors
(since 2011)

Literary Hub » Book Marks | Grove Atlantic, Inc., and Electric Literature
aggregating and scoring book reviews (since 2016)

Midwest Book Review » Online Resources » Other Book Reviewers

Poets & Writers » Review Outlets
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