Resources for writers

Robin’s lists

Recommended reference books

“President Truman” is capitalized, but “the president” is not (see 8.18–32).

CMOS Shop Talk blog
From the Chicago Manual of Style

Chicago Manual of Style
University of Chicago Press Staff

A Dictionary of Modern English Usage
H.W. Fowler

How to Write a Book Proposal
Michael Larsen

International Libel & Privacy Handbook
Charles J. Glasser, Jr.

Red Hot Internet Publicity: The Insider’s Guide to Marketing Online
Penny C. Sansevieri

Save the Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need
Blake Snyder

pdf icon - small   Translation in Practice
a symposium edited by Paul Gill

Share your influence, even if you only have a little.

Chris Brogan & Julien Smith
From Trust Agents

Trust Agents
Chris Brogan & Julien Smith

pdf icon - small   The Writer’s Guide to Publishing in Literary Magazines and Entering Contests
Ayelet Tsabari

About word counts…

On word counts and novel length by Colleen Lindsay

Word Count Confusion by Mary Keeley

Word Count for Novels and Children’s Books: The Definitive Post by Chuck Sambuchino

Useful articles & websites

25 Secrets of Publishing, Revealed! (Or: Inside the Bookish Shatterdome) by Mike R. Underwood

Advertising: What is a Copyright, Patent and Trademark? by Joel Miller

All the things that are wrong with your screenplay in one handy infographic by Joe Berkowitz

The most popular online journals, based on site visitors, have an audience as large, or larger, than many long-established print journals.

Chuck Augello
From the Review Review

All You Need to Know About Publishing in Online Lit Mags by Chuck Augello

The Authors Guild

An Author’s Plan for Social Media Efforts by Chris Brogan

The Brand Called You by Tom Peters

Business Realities for the Beginning Writer by David B. Coe

FAQ about Copyright

The Fifteen Things You Need to Know B’twixt “The End” and “Send” by Janet Reid

Flowchart for Diagnosing Self-Publishing Problems by Morris Rosenthal

Is What It Is Ism (Or Why You Must Be Your Own Evil Drill Sergeant) on Editorial Ass

Infographic: The Key Book Publishing Paths and Writing Advice by Jane Friedman

MG vs. YA Fiction: What’s the Difference? by Debbie Ridpath Ohi

It broke my heart when he told us he hadn’t even read the contract before signing.

Hilary T. Smith

Playing for the House: An Editorial Assistant on the Dangers of Going Agent-free and The Ten Best Things You Can Do for Your Manuscript by Hilary T. Smith

The Problem with Memoirs by Neil Genzlinger (Satire alert!)

Publishing Your Book from Poets & Writers

Publishers Marketplace

The Shatzkin Files

Spotting the Publishing Scam by Ellen M. Kozak

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Published by Jeff Kleinman

Subsidiary Rights—Acquisition & Licensing by Lloyd L. Rich

Trusting the Reader by Alan Rinzler, Ask the Editor

What I Know by J.A. Konrath

(Why) Do You Need a Literary Agent? by Susan Spann

Why Story Structure Matters, Even If You Don’t Want It To by Christopher Riley

Use earthy details to deflate pomposity. It’s worth remembering that for every glistening lily we see there exists a can of Alpo dog food.

David Gessner
From Bill & Dave’s Cocktail Hour

The Writer

Writer, Edit Thyself! by David Gessner

The Writer’s Edge