Best online explanations of POV

I analyze and evaluate creative writing. Perhaps then, I ought to be able to teach it, except that I believe good creative writing instructors have additional indispensible skills, including the ability and patience to explain a concept six ways from Sunday. I’m not a teacher. Whenever I need to tell a writer to begin thinking about the narrative mode that we call point of view, I recommend several online resources.

First, it’s important to learn the terminology. Then, accept that everyone will misapply the terminology. The concepts don’t change, though, regardless of how they’re labeled.

Start by understanding the elements of narrative mode

Choosing Your Narrative Mode: Storytelling Perspectives and Options
by Glen C. Strathy

Narrative Modes in Fiction: Telling Your Story (Writing Essentials)
by Beth Hill

Then drill down to the specifics of POV

View to a Skill: Understanding Point of View
by Janice Hardy

What Is Point of View?
by Joshua Essoe

The Basics of Point of View for Fiction Writers
by Joseph Bates

The Art and Soul of POV
by Toni McGee Causey

Consider the effects of different points of view

A Study in Third Person Point of View
by Michael Neff

Some Thoughts on Third Person vs First Person Novel Narratives
by Les Edgerton

Using First Person POV
by Genevieve Graham

Another Perspective on POV (omniscient and limited omniscient)
by Martin Brown Publishers, LLC

Use multiple points of view with care

What Is Head Hopping and How Can We Avoid It?
by Marcy Kennedy

Mastering Multiple POV in 6 Steps
by Lisa Walker England

These resources will lead you to many more, including books on the topic, if your concerns about your work’s POV are more specific. My thanks go to all of the generous writers who have shared these pointers.

Aspiring authors who understand and purposefully use the described techniques produce far better work than writers who can’t explain their choices. Intuition* is powerful, but being able to justify intuitive decisions is better.

Don’t ask which POV I prefer or which one is correct, because the answer always will be the POV executed well.

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