Publishing stories about mental illness and recovery

Photo courtesy of John Cobb

A small number of publishers make it their mission to give voice to creative writers who have experienced mental illness. I’ve listed those of which I’m aware, and I’ll update the list with anything else I discover. Feel free to suggest additions by leaving a comment.

The periodicals and online publications should be of interest particularly to memoirists who want to accumulate writing credits before seeking publishers for their book-length manuscripts.



The Awakenings Review

Beautiful Minds

BP Magazine

Bridgeross Communications

Chipmunka Publishing Ltd

Crazy Good Parent

Designing Out Suicide

Doll Hospital


The Examined Life Journal

The Healing Muse>

Hospital Drive

Manic Musings Magazine

The Mental Health Writers’ Guild

The Mighty

Minds Matter Magazine

The Mirror


Open Minds Quarterly

Outsider Poetry

The Perch

Recovering the Self

r.kv.r.y quarterly


Snap Journal

Stigma Fighters


Think Piece Publishing


Turtle Way

6 Replies to “Publishing stories about mental illness and recovery”

  1. Hi there,
    thanks for the communication. Question, would like to look at my manuscript: A message to black America? thanks,
    James Hudson

  2. I’m incredibly thankful that I landed a book deal with Post Hill Press for my memoir “Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder”. After attending my first writers conference last weekend (Catamaran in Pebble Beach, an absolutely amazing experience!) I learned so much. I listened to bestselling authors, editors and publishers discuss the realities of publishing, I was even more grateful for my contract. I had the chance to sit down with longtime agent/San Francisco Writers Conference founder Michael Larsen to introduce myself and to brainstorm PR (since, as you know, authors need to pitch in with promoting their books whether they’re with a Big 5 or an indie) and got invaluable advice.

    I didn’t think I’d get that much from a writers conference, but I was wrong! It was awesome and I’d suggest it to anyone who wants to make writing a priority and be inspired.

  3. Michael Larsen is a gentleman. I’ve often recommended his How to Write a Book Proposal. It’s good to know that you enjoyed the Catamaran Writing Conference at Pebble Beach. Best of luck with your book, Dyane.

  4. Thanks so much, Robin, for your reply! Yes, he was a gentleman! I got such a kick out of the fact you’re familiar with him.Who knows – perhaps you & I will bump into each other someday at the San Francisco Writers Conference!! :)

    take care,

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