The long whine

dog behind fence
Photo courtesy of Ned Horton, Horton Web Design, Nashville, TN
I told some friends that this decade, which doesn’t even have a good moniker, could go down in history as one long whine.

Look, the standard of living in the United States probably has peaked for the majority. Most people have legitimate complaints. We’re competing for increasingly limited resources. The 1% must be having a jolly good time watching us tear into each other.

At times like these, it’s easy to blow up your means of survival by insisting on what you believe to be your entitlement without first looking at the big picture, without recognizing the rights and needs of others. It’s an adolescent outlook that too many people maintain into their adulthood.

Gracious respect for and curiosity about other people are hallmarks of the world’s best writers. They also are qualities that can be cultivated, even late in life. Their absence, let me tell you, is noticeable.

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