Starting your own blog

Advice about starting a blog can be found at:

Blogger Buzz (the official Google Blogger blog) Introduction to Blogging


Booksellers Blog

Jason Kaneshiro: Ten Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Blog

Guy Kawasaki: How Blogging Promotes Books

Scott Allen: Should I Blog on My Own Website or a Blog Hosting Service?

Mashable: 40+ Free Blog Hosts (there are more)

Wikipedia: Weblog software and Blog and Microblogging

Robin Mizell: Starting an Author’s Blog and Author Blogs and Websites

Tom Christensen on Writers’ Blogs: 3 Dos + 3 Don’ts—or, the Basics of Karma

A Writer’s Perspective: 20 Tips for Good Blogging

Dosh Dosh: Blogging Tips

Photoshop Tutorials by Jennifer Apple: Blog Tutorial – Tips for Blog Templates & Blog Design in Photoshop

Teaching Blog: 100 Tips, Tools, and Resources for Teaching Students about Social Media

Jeff Jarvis: Introducing ‘the Social Media Sommelier’ Who Had Big Dreams and a Webcam

J.A. Konrath: A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing (on blogging)

Harold Rabinowitz: Blogging Is Not As Easy As It Looks – Part 1

Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox: Write Articles, Not Blog Postings

Innovation in College Media: Interview with David Cohn,


Legal tips for bloggers can be found at:

Aviva Directory: 12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Legal Guide for Bloggers

Citizen Media Law Project: Legal Guide

Center for Social Media at American University: Fair Use & Copyright

Collectanea: Collected perspectives on copyright

Federal Trade Commission: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising


Essays on how it feels to be a blogger can be found at:

Maxine Clarke: Place and Community

Jennifer Epstein: Lost in Blogland

Jeff Jarvis: The Value of This Blog

Errol Morris: Cartesian Blogging

Reginald Shepherd: All Kinds of Favors Fall From It: Some Thoughts on Becoming a Blogger

Gretchen Rubin: Social Media Happiness for Authors

Margaret Atwood: How I Learned to Love Twitter

Katie Couric: On the Importance of Social Media
[a video interview by Brian Solis]

Marc Andreessen: Eleven Lessons Learned about Blogging, So Far


Et cetera:

Reuters Handbook of Journalism