Independence Day, brought to you, in part, by…

…a number of my multi-great-grandfathers, who served under General George Washington, commander-in-chief of the army during thirteen colonies’ war for independence from Great Britain.  It was a war that lasted for eight years—something to think about if your ancestors were American colonists.

Flower Mound Independence Day Fest, by Erin Costa
Photo: “Flower Mound Independence Day Fest” by Erin Costa is licensed under CC BY 2.0

James Edward “Jesse” Mizell Sr. (1727-1804) of North Carolina
Due to his age at the time, it’s difficult to believe the story his grandchildren told, but there is “an 1814 pension record showing that the widow of James Mizell of Martin County, N.C., was receiving a pension for his service in that war,” according to researcher Patrick Pearsey.

David Rogerson Sr. (1742-1805) of North Carolina

John Alderman Sr. (1742-1822) of North Carolina

John Rogerson (1755/60-1824) of North Carolina

William Griffin Mizell (1730-1809) of Georgia

Isaac Eason Sr. (1731-1786) of North Carolina

Joseph Lilley (1733-1807) of North Carolina

Daniel Roberson Sr. (1755/59-1835) of North Carolina

Daniel Leggett I (1759/60-   ) of North Carolina

Benjamin Woolard Sr. (1733-   ) of North Carolina

Aert William Barkalow (1750-1777) of New Jersey

Thomas Tewksbury Jr. (1758-1838) of New Hampshire

James Porter II (1737-1822) of Connecticut

Amos D. Allen (1749/51-1804) of Massachusetts

Ignatius Ogdin (1745-1799) of Maryland

John Slaughter, Col. (1731/41-1796) of Virginia

Heinrich Martin Sr. (1755-1845) of Pennsylvania

John Haun Sr. (1740-   ) of Maryland

Philip Roush Sr. (1741-1820) of Virginia

Francis Dougherty (1750-   ) of Pennsylvania
court-martialed for being insolent and drunk

Lemuel Smith Sr. (1736-1805) of Massachusetts

Jonathan Rogers II (1756-1841) of Massachusetts

Among my multi-great-grandfathers were two Royalists, a father and son, against whom neighbors didn’t hesitate to testify:

Absalom A. Leggett Sr. (1729/34-1792/96) of North Carolina
great-grandson of an English colonist

Daniel Leggett I (1759/60-  ) of North Carolina
later joined the Continental Army

I’ll update this partial list when I discover more. I don’t know the identities of all of my ancestors, and records from that era are spotty.

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