A decade of blogging

I started this blog ten years ago, because I wanted to control my own content. I had begun working with other writers, and it was also convenient to be able to explain blogging applications and uses for social media. My posts evolved from creative to informative. Sharing advice and resources has seemed worthwhile, but I need fresh topics. Where to now?

2 Replies to “A decade of blogging”

  1. Hi Robin,

    I’m also at the decade point with my blog. I’ve decided to pull the plug. I’ve enjoyed finding topics to develop, and attracting readers. But I’ve decided that my current priorities don’t require this blog. For me, it’s a bit of a wrench, but I’m also excited about moving into new areas. As the Monty Python crew put it, ‘Now for Something Completely Different.’


  2. Blogging was much more social when we started, wasn’t it, Marsha? I suppose Facebook and other networks do a better job than blogs when it comes to enabling connections and discussions now.

    On the other hand, blogs often are good sources of information that show up in search results. Search engines probably send most of my traffic here.

    My dilemma is coming up with new subject matter that would be useful to a reader and interesting to me. I’m considering hikes and explorations and/or genealogical research. We’ll see.

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