There’s no magic. Succeeding as a book author is hard work.

My work isn’t easy. The work my clients do isn’t easy. I’ve had clients who didn’t want being a successful book author to be challenging work. They aren’t my clients anymore.

For some writers who are consumed with the idea of getting a literary agent and having a book published, their obsession feels an awful lot like work. The dream occupies their time and exhausts their patience, yet it doesn’t result in progress. It’s especially easy for them to find and commiserate with other writers who don’t make particularly good role models. It’s harder to find a way out of the rut.

The level of difficulty and the amount of work involved are the reasons there are relatively few successful authors. Not many writers possess the necessary creative talent along with a willingness to develop crucial skills and the time to devote to the job of collaborating, improving, and adapting.

There’s no magic, no secret, no shortcut. It’s purely hard work.

don't just stand there
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4 Replies to “There’s no magic. Succeeding as a book author is hard work.”

  1. How true. Some writers take on board the story of the ‘magic break’, without realising how much preparation and sheer persistence enabled the magic to happen.

  2. Technology has enabled all of us to be published now, but some writers still see publication as the end game instead of recognizing that it will take more than mere publication to distinguish them from all the rest of us. For most, the reality hasn’t sunk in just yet. The concept’s a little too abstract, I guess.

  3. I’ve always thought it weird when authors put the time into creating a manuscript, and expect it to suddenly be on the shelves of every major chain. Many of the people in my network don’t even consider the concept of rewrites, querying, and rejections. Forget telling them what comes after publication.

    Thank you for your post.

  4. Thanks for your feedback, KáLeena. I hope you’re able to connect with some good writers who share your work ethic, because you can’t expect real support from dilettantes. Good luck to you as you submit your short fiction.

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