This is dedicated to the one…

I’m dedicating this music video to the lovely and poised young woman who introduced herself to me at a writers’ conference. I fear I broke her heart when I told her that Author Solutions, Inc., is sometimes referred to as a vanity press. If I’m lucky, she’ll remember me in the same favorable light as the older woman in this video.

Enjoy “Oopsie Daisy.” It’s cute.

4 Replies to “This is dedicated to the one…”

  1. I hope she does think kindly of your comment . It may have encouraged her to find out more about AS, e.g., that it receives most of its revenue through expensive services to authors rather than from book sales. Has anything changed since it moved to Penguin Random House?

  2. That’s a good question. ASI provides white-label self-publishing services that other companies can label with their own imprints the same way some supermarkets put their store brands on mass-produced products. It cloaks the company that’s actually administering the service, but at any time ASI also could simply rebrand itself, as other subsidy presses have done to escape their less-than-spotless reputations. At the moment, ASI is expanding globally, into territories where writers might not be as familiar with its business model. I get the sense that being owned by Penguin, which subsequently merged with Random House, gives ASI quite a bit of credibility by association. On the other hand, from where I sit, they bear a sad resemblance to Halliburton and Cheney, and yet people are still happily signing oil and gas leases.

    I suppose the pending class action lawsuit will settle the question of whether ASI has or should become more scrupulous.

    In 2014 Writer’s Digest quietly ended its business agreement with ASI and instead partnered with BookBaby to offer self-publishing services called Blue Ash Publishing. I haven’t looked at BookBaby recently, but back when it launched I thought the company was very straightforward about its pricing structure, which has evolved over time.

  3. Coincidentally, after you asked about ASI, Marsha, I read some of these excerpts from the depositions in the class action suit filed against the company. The article includes some of the many imprint names that ASI goes by, which might surprise people. The information is readily available online, but plenty of writers are trusting enough not to look for it.

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