Can’t remember the title of an obscure book? Ask a bookseller in Shaker Heights, Ohio

Books at Hein & Co. Bookstore
Photo: “Books at Hein & Co. Bookstore” by Sarah Stierch is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Sometimes all you can recall are a character’s name and the book’s genre, the decade when you read it, or maybe the basic plot or the setting. Especially when a book is out of print and hasn’t been digitized, the search for it can be frustrating.

Stump the Bookseller can help. It’s a fee-based online information exchange hosted by Loganberry Books in Shaker Heights, Ohio. What a cool place Harriett Logan’s used bookstore must be—home to a bindery and an art gallery.

In Loganberry’s free question-and-answer archives> I found the title of a middle-grade novel I borrowed from a public library in the 1960s. For $150 I can buy Hilary’s Island on eBay now. I almost wish I didn’t know.

2 Replies to “Can’t remember the title of an obscure book? Ask a bookseller in Shaker Heights, Ohio”

  1. I used the freebie some time ago to hunt down a couple of bks I loved when in primary school. It was enjoyable getting the details of these bks, but as you’ve said, some are now ‘rare’ enough to command high prices. Still, I enjoyed knowing that the books weren’t a figment of my imagination, especially one where I could remember bits of the plot but neither nor author. When I was a bookseller, I dreaded customers who came in and said they couldn’t remember either but ‘it had a red cover’ or ‘it was really funny, can’t remember why’.

  2. How did you come across the Loganberry Books website? Do you remember? I think I posted a question on the previous version of their website years ago. Recently, though, the Loganberry Books archives popped up in the search results when I used Google to search for a book.

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