Would save if my house burned down: Australian Bush Cooking

AUSTRALIAN BUSH COOKING by Cathy SavageDay 30: Just kidding.

I couldn’t take the final #BookADayUK prompt seriously, no matter how hard I tried. If my house were to go up in flames, I’d be forced to camp out like the vagabond I’ve always hoped to be. The cookbook would come in handy. Besides, it’s a souvenir of last year’s camping trip to Dunns swamp, which reminded me that you’re never too old, even if you think you are. If I had a fraction of the camping gear owned by Marsha Durham and her husband, I could live outdoors indefinitely.

Dunns Swamp
BookADay-The Borough Press

2 Replies to “Would save if my house burned down: Australian Bush Cooking

  1. Hi Robin, Would you believe we’ve bought yet another piece of cooking gear? It’s a collapsible ‘steel fireplace, made in Japan. You can put wood or briquettes in it, and because it’s contained and off the ground, you don’t have to worry about the bans on open fires. You’ll have to return to Australia to do a full camping trip with us someday! I’ve enjoyed your 30 book responses, and have been thinking about doing the same on my blog, to remind me of why I’ve kept the books I have.

  2. Of course I believe you! And I’m laughing about the fact that you two need an entire room just for the gear.

    Hey, I took you seriously when you said I could accompany you on a camping trip to NZ someday. Give me enough advance warning so I can budget for it. The airfare is a chunk of change.

    I’ve always wanted to hike or raft through the Grand Canyon, so if you decide to try that before I die, let me know. Also, Hawai’i is as near as possible to halfway between us, so if you’re interested in hiking or camping on Kauai, I’m game. Last year, an outfitter called the Local Hiker opened one block from my place, so I can gear up conveniently.

    Using the #bookaday hashtag, Donalyn Miller promotes an ongoing YA Book-a-Day summer reading challenge on her blog, Nerdy Book Club. Probably there are others out there. Most of the Borough Press prompts were helpful this month. It was the first time since NaBloPoMo 2007 that I’ve tried to blog daily for four weeks. It wasn’t as much of a burden as I thought it would be.

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