I pretend to have read it: Augustus

SBX sales receiptDay 12: I’m not afraid to admit that I haven’t read something, so I’m stumped by today’s prompt. It refers to the present. Therefore, if I once nodded silently as though I understood what someone was saying about a book (I did), then bought and read it so I’d know exactly why it was good (I did; it was), that book doesn’t qualify, because I’m not pretending now.

I’m also not inclined to create unnecessary stress for myself, so I very rarely pretend. (Never say never.)

To come up with a contender for today’s title I needed to go back to 1977, because I’m sure I wrote a paper on The Twelve Caesars of Suetonius or A.H.M. Jones’s Augustus without reading it. Both books are on my shelf to this day, because my conscience requires that I eventually get around to them. When an old, yellowed SBX receipt fell out of one of the books, it made me laugh. Guiltily.

BookADay-The Borough Press

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