Best bargain: NoiseTrade Books

Day 2: My idea of a bargain might not be the same as yours, but you ought to be able to find an ebook that interests you among the current offerings at NoiseTrade Books, where some authors and publishers are giving away their digital goods in exchange for your email address. Register on the site to download an ebook. You’ll be asked if you want to leave a tip, but you’re not obligated.

Outview, by Brandt LeggI’ve bought quite a bit of music through NoiseTrade. When the service began offering itself as a marketing platform for books as well, it seemed like an ideal combination. The company is located in Brentwood, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville. They’re very possessive of their company logo, so instead I’ll give you the image of one of the ebooks being given away today—Outview, the complete first volume of a YA fantasy trilogy by Brandt Legg.

Readers who are familiar only with Kindle ebook downloads will want to read NoiseTrade’s instructions for downloading ebooks in Mobi format or Amazon’s Kindle Help. It takes effort to transfer ebooks from sources other than Amazon to your Kindle, but the technical know-how will set you free.

Not all of the titles available through NoiseTrade Books are full-length books. Some are mere excerpts. I’m completely turned off by 35- or 75-page samples positioned as giveaways. Online previews should be free. A publisher or bookseller always should display a sample to consumers who are deciding whether to buy.

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