Overclocked tech-enhanced brain

power on
Photo courtesy of Ayhan Yildiz
Working online, creating patterns and connections doesn’t seem like a real job most of the time. A mind loves the rhythm and satisfaction of decoding and encoding, of creating order from confusion. It complains when the body demands a break for food and rest. Intellectually enhanced by the minute movements of fingers on a keyboard and eyes tracking symbols onscreen, the mind could stay on the job, if only the body were more resilient.

When the demand for physical relief brings work to a halt, the abrupt transition evokes a momentary revulsion, as when a vivid dream is interrupted. The disjunction is frightening and difficult to express.

To an insatiable learner, a job that capitalizes on web technology is ideal. Now that so many industries rely on the web to reach other businesses, investors, and consumers, the innovations in information technology are constant. In order to remain productive and employable, knowledge workers must adapt continuously to new methods and applications, mastering something new all the time.

The web also has facilitated the dissemination of knowledge, making it exponentially easier to acquire skills, especially of the technical variety. Simultaneously, access to knowledge enables one’s competitors, makes it tougher to excel, and increases the pressure to perform and create.

Another hour at the keyboard and the skin, already tender and scraped inside the wrists, will object. But the synapses are firing. There’s more work in the queue.

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