Royalty and title management software for literary agencies

Software systems designed to track the licensing of literary copyrights and payment of royalties are a relatively recent phenomenon, although they first appeared before cloud computing was widely adopted. As with any software that has very specialized applications and a narrow potential market, the buyer or subscriber must be concerned about how quickly the product might become obsolete, as well as its cost and ease of use.

Rich Shivener> explained the purpose and requirements of royalty and rights management software in a 2012 article for Publishers Weekly.

software solutionThe current market for royalty and title management software isn’t really large enough to make it worthwhile for a vendor to invest in the development of an inexpensive software product or service designed specifically for literary agents. However, if a software company wanted to design cloud-based rights and royalty management software to which self-published authors could afford to subscribe, then the customer base might be enlarged sufficiently to sustain its production. Just a thought.

Following is a list of royalty and title management software vendors. Not all of them offer software designed specifically for literary agencies, and some might not even be adaptable. Most are built for publishers. Some of these companies will have exhibits at the London Book Fair this week.

Literary rights & royalty management software


Backbeat Solutions


Bradbury Phillips International


Dependable Solutions
El Segundo, CA, USA

E3 – The Rights Manager

Haywards Heath, SXW, UK | Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands | Woodcliff Lake, NJ, USA

New York

Beirut | Burlington, MA, USA | New York

FilmTrack’s Jaguar Consulting’s System 7
Pasadena and Studio City, CA, USA

IBS Bookmaster
Solna, Sweden | Breda, Netherlands

IPRO Business Systems

Kensai International’s Easy Royalties
Malverne, NY, USA

Amsterdam | Berlin | Munich | No. London | Paris | Parsippany, NJ, USA

Kiel, SH, Germany

Media Services Group
Houston | London | Los Angeles | Phoenix | Seattle | Stamford, CT, USA

MetaComet Systems
South Hadley, MA, USA

Boston | Cape Town | Fleet, HPH, UK | London | St. Peter Port, Channel Islands | Wrocław, Poland

Oracle Media and Entertainment

Publishers’ Assistant
Jericho, VT, USA

Publishing Technology
Oxford, OX, UK

REAL Software Systems
Boston | London | Los Angeles

Ribbonfish Ltd.
London | New York

Rights Management Systems
West Byfleet, SRY, UK

London | New York | San Diego

Austin, TX, USA

RSG Media
Gurgaon, HR, India | New York

SAP for Media


Simplified Systems
Riverside, CA, USA


That’s Rights! Agents

Trilogy North America
Raleigh, NC, USA

United ERP
Fort Lee, NJ, USA

Virtusales’ BiblioRoyalties
Brighton & Hove, BN, UK | New York

I’ll try to keep this list updated as new products and services appear. Let me know if you’re aware of a company I’ve overlooked or if I’ve included one that’s completely unsuitable for literary agencies.

2 Replies to “Royalty and title management software for literary agencies”

  1. A CAL might give a user access to SaaS. Are the two terms used synonymously? I’m not up-to-date on the current terminology, but I think (??) a CAL might be used for software that resides on-site but is licensed to multiple users.

    Some of the royalty management software I’ve listed is SaaS, and some of the listed companies offer their royalty management software as a product to be installed and maintained on the users’ computers. I’d rather have it as a service than a product. What are your thoughts?

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