Which litmags are you reading for entertainment?

If you’re a creative writer, literary magazines might interest you for reasons that differ from the motives of a person who reads them simply for pleasure and entertainment. I look at litmags from several angles and pay attention to the new as often as the long established.

three magazines
Rarely do new literary publications launch with instant, magnetic reader appeal. A new clothing retailer, restaurant, or movie is expected to focus marketing and advertising efforts to attract business. Even churches advertise in order to bring in new congregation members. Literary magazines seem relegated to a category of enterprises, such as law offices, physicians’ practices, and nannies, that are expected to do thriving business on word of mouth alone.

three magazines
I’m curious. Do you subscribe to or regularly read, either in print or online, a literary publication that you enjoy a lot? How did you first encounter it? Please elaborate in the comments, if you will. I’d love to know some other readers’ perspectives.

The well-established litmags pictured above:
SmokeLong Quarterly
Poetry Northwest
Gulf Coast
Natural Bridge

2 Replies to “Which litmags are you reading for entertainment?”

  1. I subscribe to Slightly Foxed, a journal which specialises in articles about old, possible forgotten books, mainly from the last century. It is a beautifully produced publication – a labour of love on the part of it’s publishers.

    Thank you for placing my website on your list of book review sites

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