Find a bookstore

This list was burgeoning in my blogroll, so I promoted it to a post. When you travel, it’s a handy reference, so bookmark it on your smartphone. You know you’ll want something new to read on the road.


6 Exceptional Shopping Experiences for the Bookworm
8 Beautiful Bookstores in Residential Spaces
8 Bookstores in Barns
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The Best Places for Bookstore Browsing
Directory of Rare & Antiquarian Booksellers
Literary Tourist
Rare and Antiquarian Book Vendors
Six Cool Bookstores
Weird and Wonderful Bookshops of the World
The world’s most inspiring bookstores


6 Must-Visit Bookstores in Australia
Australia’s best independent bookshops


Best Bookstores to Visit in Canada


Bookstore Guide – an amateur guide to book shopping throughout Europe


The 50 Best bookshops
50 best specialist bookshops in the UK
Book & Kitchen Ltd. (London)
The London Bookshop Map
One Book on the Shelf (London)
The Verdicts | The Matilda Project (London)


7 Bookstores We Love in America’s Most Literate City (Washington, DC)
The 10 Best Bookstores In NYC
10 Bookstores in 10 Literary Cities That You Don’t Want to Miss
African-American bookstores
America’s Best Bookstores
Bookstore Maps
Comic Shop Locator Service
Find Any Book Imaginable at These Fifteen Indie Bookstores (NYC)
Indie Store Finder
New bookstores in NYC 2013: The best independent additions
Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day
What Do NYC Bookstores Have that London’s Lack?

4 Replies to “Find a bookstore”

  1. I feel a bit guilty about the Aussie list, given that I hardly go into a these very good bookshops these days. They are not located close to me, and it’s easy for me to order online or go to my local shop.

  2. Some bookstores are compensating for the loss of business by adding wine or coffee bars and hosting more events to attract people into the stores. Times change.

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