Now, on to the regularly scheduled Litquake, already in progress

Litquake has been on my bucket list for years. So many years, in fact, that I wonder whether San Francisco’s literary festival can promise to be enjoyable as it turns thirteen, roughly the age at which human beings become temporarily insufferable. Nevertheless, I’m going this year, and I’m looking forward to it with an anticipation that might turn to glee by the time I reach the airport.

A change of scenery always does my tangled mind some good. Maybe a hike on the beach. My client Steve Shilstone, who lives in the Bay Area, has promised to spend a day with me. Because the Loon, as he calls himself, knows me only through our email correspondence, he might be in for a shock.

In San Francisco, I’ll have the opportunity to have coffee with one of the first bloggers I encountered back in the day. Unexpectedly, 2012 has been the year to meet my longtime blogging acquaintances in person. Sometimes it goes well, as was the case two months ago, when I spent a day with Marsha Durham. Marsha said she never had a qualm about whether we’d get along in person. How do people know these things?

You needn’t mention that I’m overthinking it. I promise to have fun. See you there!

Litquake 2012

4 Replies to “Now, on to the regularly scheduled Litquake, already in progress”

  1. I love meeting people in person that I previously only knew online. It makes all the internet connecting worth it to know we can connect face-to-face as well. I hope you enjoyed Litquake as much as I did this year!

  2. Hi, Rhea!

    While I was in SF, I stayed at a condo in your neighborhood. If I’d had enough time, we could have met for a lavender white chocolate mocha and watched the dogs walking their people. It would’ve been great fun.

    Of the Litquake events I attended, the taping of Philosophy Talk at Z Space was my favorite. I’ll try to remember to blog about it when the podcast becomes available online next month.

    As for the Lit Crawl readings, I made it to three and then foolishly trapped my comments behind Facebook’s privacy wall. Here they are, copied and pasted:

    Most poignant and thought-provoking: Niki Escobar

    Most satisfying nonstop lethal action for the adrenaline junkie: Seth Harwood

    Most purely entertaining: Maveric Vu

    Most likely to be added to the Goodreads to-read list: Héctor Tobar

    I look for familiar names on festival and conference schedules, then try to be in the audience when writers I’ve met are giving presentations. You’re right. It doesn’t make much difference whether the first meeting is in person or online. Last week, I broke bread with Elizabeth of Barbary Prose and Mike of Concrete, two SF bloggers who couldn’t have been nicer. If you find them online, tell them I sent you.

    Stay in touch. I’d love to know what you’re up to.

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