Which bloggers are offering creative writers good advice about craft?

The most common reason writers don’t get published, or don’t self-publish successfully, is because their work is premature.

Many writers, maybe most, aren’t capable of seeing their manuscripts’ shortcomings, which additional effort could eliminate. It’s difficult to analyze literature and then try to apply the observable techniques of the best writers without imitating. If creative writing weren’t challenging, there’d be no value in succeeding. We’d all be good at it.

Some writers are sincere about learning and capable of improving their craft. I’m awed by the bloggers who are teaching the writers who are willing to learn. I’m opinionated, and you should take my opinion for what it’s worth, but if I wanted to become a better creative writer, these are the blogs I’d be reading:

Author! Author!: Anne Mini’s Blog

Mysterious Matters: Mystery Publishing Demystified

Real Actual Hilary> (Hilary Smith)

Self Editing Blog (John Robert Marlow)

The Subversive Copy Editor Blog (Carol Fisher Saller)

Have you found any favorites?

3 Replies to “Which bloggers are offering creative writers good advice about craft?”

  1. Whalin’s blog is new to me, Jeff. Thanks for the link. His September 20, 2012, post makes a good point that, unfortunately, will be lost on too many writers: it’s a powerful disincentive when a publisher, an editor, a publicist, or even an agent senses he’s working harder than the author to make the author’s book a success. Writers shouldn’t risk slacking if they care about their careers.

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