Do you think more about the future or the past?

think about
Photo courtesy of Vinícius Sgarbe

I’ve always anticipated and planned for the future. In a way, it’s as if I exist in a future moment more fully than in the present.

Many people’s thoughts are focused on the past. Sometimes it seems as though they don’t want the future to arrive, or they don’t think they’ll like it when it does.

Is awareness, or being in the moment, the optimal mode? The happy middle ground? If so, then I probably deserve criticism for getting too involved in projects and completely losing track of time.

Where are your thoughts most of the time?

Does your answer say something about how likely you are to get where you want to go? Or do you think it’s better not to worry about it?

3 Replies to “Do you think more about the future or the past?”

  1. So, Steve, to pass the time waiting in line today, I read some of Amy Tan‘s novel Saving Fish from Drowning. Her sense of humor always makes me laugh out loud, but I was particularly amused when I came to a passage in which the narrator describes a good friend who is a famous British dog trainer and the star of his own successful TV show:

    “You must inform your clients, gently but firmly,” he often told his disciples at lectures. “Dogs are not people in fur coats. No, indeed. They don’t speak in the future tense. The live in the moment. And unlike you and me, they’ll drink from a toilet. Lucky for us, they are perfect specimens of how operant conditioning and positive reinforcement work, and beautifully so if only we learn how to apply the principles properly.”

    What a coincidence. Now, how will I ever be able to pay you a compliment again?

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