Blue Tahoe

Ten years ago I took a trip to Lake Tahoe. I was blue then, but it didn’t matter. Everything was beautiful.

Today, in cool but sunny Tahoe, Bona Fide Books will introduce Tahoe Blues, a collection of sixty little stories, each one connected in its own way to the deep alpine lake celebrated for its clarity. One of the stories was written by Steve Shilstone, who lived beside Lake Tahoe for several years, lucky man.

You can bet that Steve’s contribution to the anthology is anything but clear, but like the chilling blue waters of his old haunt, it might make your spine tingle. Oooh. Try it and tell me what you think.

Tahoe Blues

2 Replies to “Blue Tahoe”

  1. Those pictures are forcing me to go back up there for a week in July (8th-15th). I can’t wait to be back in the postcard (and to eat a hot dog at Big Daddy’s)

  2. Have a good time when you go, Steve. I don’t recall what I had to eat when I was there, but my innkeeper served me a terrific Zinfandel.

    By the way, I love the book cover!

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