Got questions about litmag submissions?

I’m going to steal the last line from Lynne Barrett and use it over and over:

Not long ago, within a few days, three aspiring writers stopped me (in the office, in the parking lot, and at an airport gate) to ask: “Where should I send my story which is over 20,000 words long?” “Where should I send my work where it will be accepted as fast as possible? The agent I approached about my novel says I have to have a track record.” “What magazine likes grown-up fables that are a little weird?”

They were asking for a shortcut. It’s natural to want one, when you feel small in a big unknown world, and impatient, wanting results immediately. But I said, to each: “You can’t expect to be a professional if you don’t do your own homework.”

Lynne Barrett
Photo: Florida Center for the Literary Arts at Miami Dade College

Lynne Barrett is founding editor of Gulf Stream Magazine and current editor of the Florida Book Review. If you’re a writer hoping to be published, your assignment today is to read her explanation of what editors look for in submissions to literary magazines.

The Review Review, as Barrett mentions in the linked post, is a dandy resource for creative writers. And with more than 4,000 literary journals in existence, there must be one that’s right for your work.

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