The future arrived yesterday

The Fourth Passenger ebookIn Australia and India, the sun has risen. It’s tomorrow already. And tomorrow by my calendar is the publication date for the ebook edition of Mini Nair’s novel The Fourth Passenger. In parts of the world, readers will now be able to load the ebook edition on their Kindles, Readers, iPads, and other devices. Availability will extend to North America by March 2012.

Watching Momentum, Pan Macmillan Australia’s new digital imprint, see daylight ahead of many other big trade book publishers makes me enthusiastic about the future of books and publishers and reading. Momentum produces ebooks in multiple formats that are sold through online retailers worldwide.

Territorial restrictions are becoming a thing of the past. It makes me want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony or something. Taking down illogical barricades is just plain fun, which is what this business is supposed to be. It’s hard work, too, but look all around…

There’s nothing but blue sky.

Cheers and congratulations to…

Joel Naoum, Momentum’s inexhaustible publisher

Anne Treasure, the digital marketing executive at Momentum who hopped aboard at the last moment as skillfully as a Jamaican bobsledder

Mini Nair, whose heart and soul went into the feel-good story about four friends in Mumbai who stand up to extortion and religious extremism


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