Part 2 of 3 from The Writer’s Workout

Guest blogger: Christina Katz

Become memorable

Memorable means you are unforgettable. Memorable means you make an indelible impression on others. Memorable means there is something remarkable about you. Memorable means that you operate from excellence.

The Writer's Workout, by Christina KatzWhen we apply the concept of memorable to writers, what does it look like?

It looks like a writer who cares, not only about herself but about delivering value to others regardless of what kind of value we’re talking about.

It looks like a writer who is nimble, one who can juggle multiple tasks, like writing the next book and the demands of his personal life, with a rigorous appearance or promotion schedule.

It looks like a writer who took the time to write a great book.

In a Writer’s Digest article that I wrote about self-promotion for fiction writers, every single writer I polled said that quality writing was still the most important thing.

It looks like something about you that others want to share. Something makes you a standout. It can be anything, but it has to be something that gets others talking about you.

What do you think makes writers memorable? What makes a writer memorable to you? Think of a writer you admire. Then jot down ten reasons why that writer is so memorable for you. What is that special ingredient? Then ask what it’s going to be for you.

Christina Katz is the author of The Writer’s Workout (Writer’s Digest, 2011). She holds an MFA in creative writing from Columbia College Chicago and a BA in English from Dartmouth College. A popular speaker on creative career growth, Christina presents for writing conferences, literary events, MFA writing programs, and libraries. She is the creator and host of the Northwest Author Series in Wilsonville, Oregon, where she lives with her husband, her daughter, and far too many pets.

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