Goa—the first stop on Mini Nair’s book tour

Goa Arts & Literary FestivalThe elegant and talented Mini Nair will discuss her debut novel, The Fourth Passenger, in the beautiful coastal resort town of Dona Paula, Goa, later this month. She and many other authors, artists, and performers will appear at the Goa Arts & Literary Festival, December 17 to 21, 2011, to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Goa’s freedom from Portuguese colonial rule.

The Fourth Passenger, a story of four married women who struggle together to gain independence and self-sufficiency, is perfectly suited to the spirit of the festival. The novel, however, is set in densely populated Mumbai, the fourth largest city in the world and the home of the author and her family.

ROMAN Books published the hardcover edition of the novel, which is currently available at bookstores in the UK. It can also be ordered from major online retailers. The ebook edition will be published by Momentum Books early next year.

Mini NairOn the book’s cover is an image of Mumbai’s noisy streets—contrasted here with a quiet beach at Goa.

India is a symphony of contradictions and extremes. Like the characters in her novel, Mini Nair loves her country’s intensity and worries about its internal conflicts.

From The Fourth Passenger:

The local trains were the lifeline of Mumbai. If the trains stopped running, then there was a serious problem. It was a portent of danger. For the yellow and brown caterpillars to halt, there either had to be a natural calamity like heavy rains or a manmade disaster like a riot. The first question people asked when they heard of any catastrophe in Mumbai was “Are the trains running?” Public transportation was the barometer of the city’s normalcy.

The day the riots reached the old mosque, the trains stopped plying.

Beach at Goa
Photo courtesy of Roger Green

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