Why do you believe that?

man reading magazine
Photo courtesy of Joseph Sebastian

Beliefs are like habits—comforting in their familiarity. Once acquired, they can become logic-proof.

How often do you examine precisely where your beliefs originated and whether they’re worth fighting for?

We can be particularly prone to entrenchment in our professional lives. After long apprenticeships, we naturally feel we’ve become experts in our chosen fields. But then the business changes, and many of us resist learning new methods because of the extra effort involved. We thought a job was supposed to become easier after it had been mastered.

Seth Godin recently shared “The warning signs of defending the status quo.” He mentioned one sign I’ve been noticing a lot lately:

Do you imagine that your competition is going to be as afraid of change as you are? Even the competition that hasn’t entered the market yet and has nothing to lose…

Think about the consequences of your attachment to old, unexamined beliefs. Consider Seth Godin’s warning signs. You’re not done learning.

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