2011 strategy (for work and life)

I’m liking the prospects for 2011. It always feels good to start a new year, but this one is especially promising.

During the last quarter of 2010, my agency established new agreements with five foreign rights agencies, and there will be more next year. The international aspects of my work are enjoyable, unpredictable, and enlightening. Fortunately, they complement my love of travel (or rootlessness). I anticipate moving around more in 2011 and in the years to come—perhaps finally living out my childhood dreams of being a vagabond. Well… a vagabond with clients.

My daughter is to be married in July. The idea of it makes me incredibly happy; the planning of it is a little less thrilling. She’s an extrovert who thrives among a crush of friends. I can communicate comfortably with only one person at a time. Night and day. She’s a lucky girl.

Following my daughter’s wedding, my business travel plans include the Frankfurt Book Fair in October and perhaps the Jaipur Literature Festival in January 2012.

I hope to remain flexible and receptive to business opportunities, which might mean being more open to the idea of scouting for good writers (and prospective clients) online rather than passively reading the queries directed at me. I’ve always thought a proactive approach would be more efficient. Maybe 2011 will be the year to test the theory.

3 Replies to “2011 strategy (for work and life)”

  1. Thanks, TT. I love what I’m doing, and it continues to feel new(ish) because there’s so much to learn. May I never utter the fatal words “’cause that’s the way I’ve always done it.”

  2. you know you enjoy at least part of the planning – after all your idea has become the main theme of the wedding :) love you!

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