Writers’ collectives

woman in blue
Photo courtesy of Christian Newman

Of all the ways people come together to accomplish book publishing today, the method that most resembles traditional publishing, in my opinion, is the authors’ or writers’ collective. I say this while understanding that each collective operates in a distinctive way, not unlike the way imprints at large publishing houses differentiate themselves from one another.

It would be difficult to define for you what a writers’ collective is, because it can be whatever it needs to be. It can evolve to suit its members’ needs. Sometimes authors’ collectives are formed so writers can share their knowledge about things like book publicity. Other times, groups of writers pool their resources to publish each other’s books.

Because I’m inquisitive, I began compiling a Delicious list of writers’ collectives. The list is public. I’ve tried to include only groups interested in publishing books or authors banding together to market their books. Not included in my list are the more commonly found writers’ groups that are typically formed for critiquing, practice, and inspiration. Also not included are the collectives, such as Fiction Collective Two, that are in fact traditional publishers.

Feel free to post a link to your writers’ collective in the comments section, if your group is not on my list.

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