May 1 is Free Comic Book Day!

freecomicbookday.comHave you or your invisible friend been looking for a good excuse to explore the latest comic book offerings? Well, tomorrow presents the perfect opportunity. Comic book specialty shops around the world are once again celebrating Free Comic Book Day on May 1.

Find a participating shop near you by using the store locator, and go pick up one of the selected free comic books being given away during the event.

If there’s no participating comic book specialty store near you, then celebrate by downloading one of WOWIO’s free ebook comics on May 1. WOWIO is even throwing in a few extra freebies, thanks to its sponsors.

Salvatore Pane has been covering comic books on his blog, should you need some advice on your selection. Click on each of the posts in his archive to see the representative artwork. The illustrations are glorious.

Another free resource for the uninitiated is TOKYOPOP and OverDrive’s Librarian’s Guide to Manga.

Soundtrack: “Sugar, Sugar” by the Archies

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