Online networking for authors

eyeglasses and laptop
Photo courtesy of Craig Garner

Readers are still finding my blog when they search for information about “social networking for authors” and “social networks for writers,” because in 2007, I wrote a series of eight posts on the subject of publicity for book authors. Starting a blog and learning about online networking were still fresh in my mind at the time. Since then, I’ve gathered on one page of this blog the links to most of what I’ve written about free publicity for authors plus some great information I’ve found elsewhere.

Not to be overlooked are the many, many links in my blogroll that are related to writing, networking, and book publishing. These bloggers are sharing their experiences and their knowledge with anyone who wants to learn. It might be simpler to hire a consultant or a coach, or faster to pay a publicist or a ghostwriter, and those folks certainly need clients with deep pockets, but firsthand insight into public relations and networking is an important asset. A writer who has the additional skills is more professional and often more sought after by publishers.

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