Gifts that are yours for the taking

The Season's Greetings

In 2009, the persistent question was “How can writers survive tough economic times?” My answer, with slight variations, was always “By learning new skills.” Learn to conduct online research efficiently. Learn to use online social networks. Learn to blog. Learn new methods of attracting publicity. Just learn. And then continue learning.

The best thing about the Information Age is the gift of knowledge available for the taking. Second best is the gift of entertainment. Sometimes both are wrapped in the same package.

It’s the season of giving. May your holidays be filled with pleasant surprises, like these three considerate gestures:

  1. Every serious writer can use a constant Writing Companion like Marsha Durham, who prompts gently, commiserates freely, and ferrets out free ebooks on novel writing.
  2. The Foundation Center> has been among my bookmarked websites for years. Yet, until today, I was unaware of its resource guide for writers who want to learn how to find and apply for funding for eligible projects.
  3. If you’re a blogger who writes about books, Read It Forward, an initiative of Random House, makes it easy to request a free copy of a new title from the Crown Publishing Group. When notified by email, Read It Forward links to some of the bloggers who have posted discussions of the featured books.

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