Public images

Blogs give me a quick and easy view of writers’, editors’, workshop instructors’, and publicists’ personalities. The sensibilities that come across in their posts are fascinating. Certainly the impressions I get from reading people’s blogs affect my decisions about working with them and following the advice they offer.

Also interesting is the niggling frustration of trying to communicate with someone I’ve never met face-to-face, when the person doesn’t have an online presence. Only recently have I noticed how the absence of a public image detracts from my ability to form a useful opinion of the person. An online presence is, I must admit, reassuring—even when all it does is reassure me that I’ll never agree with someone.

Looking at the screenI encourage authors to blog or participate in online social networks, and I’ve been hoping for two years now that Mr. Misdiagnosed & Admitted would join me in the blogosphere. Shortly before midnight, he did just that. I can’t stop smiling. If you have a free moment, please take the detour to his newborn blog, “Not goin’ home anymore,” and leave a perplexing comment. They’re the best kind.

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