Litmags and their reviewers

A year ago, I noted here that John Darling had posted a wonderfully helpful online directory of links to submission guidelines for nearly 1,000 literary magazines. He calls his list the Ivory Tower. Poets & Writers also maintains a database of literary journals and provides other helpful resources for writers.

Today, I glanced at the number of litmags I’ve bookmarked on Delicious. Jay Dee must have inspired me, because the total is now 1,100—up from 700 last year. You can visit my Delicious litmag bookmarks anytime by clicking on Literary journals in the blog’s menu, under the heading “Resources for writers.” I can’t say how many of the magazines are still being published, and there’s a vast range of quality, but just perusing the list is fun.

Evaluating the literary magazines

Many people don’t know of the existence of litmag reviews and commentary. The folks listed below noticed a need, and they addressed it. (applause)

Jenny Brantley
Literary Magazine Review (LMR) – University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Andy Cox
The Fix » Reviews – TTA Press
reviews “the full spectrum of magazines, webzines, anthologies, and single-author collections” of speculative fiction
[Updated on February 17, 2010]

Denise Hill, editor
NewPages Literary Magazine Reviews

Travis Kurowski, editor
Sarah Lowery White, managing editor
Marcelle Heath, assistant editor/online editor
Robert Bern, New York editor
Luna Park
“reviews of some of the most interesting literary magazines recently published, as well as essays, interviews, and excerpts from the literary magazine world”
[Updated on November 14, 2009]

Kristian Markus
The Mag Blogger
“unbiased reviews of literary journals”

Ralph Emerson McGinnis & Sarah Forbes Keough
Print Fetish – R&S Media
“featuring news, information, reviews and history on the subjects of beautiful magazines, self-published ‘zines, handmade books, small press, comix, art books, and miscellaneous printed ephemera”
[Updated on October 22, 2011]

Kirsten McIlvenna
Screen Reading –
reviews of online literary magazines
[Updated on June 5, 2012]

Chloe Yelena Miller
Portal del Sol Reviews of Literary Journals and Editors
“reviews of online literary publications and print publications with an online presence”

Claire Trévien
reviews of “pamphlets, small presses, poetry and fiction magazines, manifestos, online journals, stapled pieces of paper, installation poetry, performed poetry”
[Updated on July 29, 2011]

Becky Tuch
The Review Review
“a way to guide writers toward the journals that most interest them”

Dan Wickett
Emerging Writers Network
frequently blogs about his favorite literary journals and litblogs

Broken Pencil
reviews of underground ‘zines
[Updated on March 10, 2010]

Xerography Debt
“a zine about zines”
[Updated on November 10, 2010]

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