How my clients find me

Some spectacularly good writers have come my way lately. I’ve been trying to stay on top of my inbox while reading manuscripts as fast as possible. I’m always, always grateful for writers who include everything I’ve asked for with their queries.

At the moment, I take as new clients about one percent of the writers who contact me seeking representation. The percentage will decrease as time goes on, because my existing clients will require almost all of my attention. Even now, I turn down writers who will go on to be published, there’s no doubt. Occasionally, I consider taking on a new client whose work is good enough to sell, even though I’m not a fan. Then, I remind myself that I’m a much better advocate for the manuscript I couldn’t put down—the book I can’t wait for other readers to enjoy because I loved it so much. I need that thrill to counterbalance the long hours of hard work. Furthermore, I’m terminally honest. Ahem. Ask anyone who knows me.

Except for a nonfiction author who was referred to me by a publisher, this year, my clients learned of me through sources I’ve found surprising. I hadn’t realized how widely some of these sites were known and used. One client noticed my blogger listing on Publishers Marketplace, one apparently read something I’d written about critique groups that was reprinted on Self-Publishing Review, one was connected through WordHustler, and one saw my agency listed on David Kuzminski’s site Preditors & Editors. While I might receive a larger volume of queries as the result of publicity in other media, these particular connections have been the most beneficial so far. It’ll be interesting to see if they continue to send me good writers.

I’m looking forward to introducing you to my clients, but I’m also superstitious. I don’t want to jinx anything, so be patient. Heaven knows my talented clients are.

4 Replies to “How my clients find me”

  1. I just want to say again, thanks for the feedback on my query. It opened a door in my brain–one that I thought was already open–and I’ve been slicing words out of my manuscript, left, right and center!


    Now, as long as my eyes don’t remain crossed from all this editing!

  2. We readers are protective of our freedom of imagination, aren’t we, Jean? If you can capture readers’ imagination, they’ll be your loyal fans for life.

  3. Mini, you and the rest of my clients have incredible insight and the rare ability to share your observations with readers in a way that entertains and enlightens. You make my job gratifying as well as fun.

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