Free bat guano with qualifying book purchase

books for bat guano
Little Professor Book Center on Court Street in Athens, Ohio, is an independent bookstore owned by Curt Holsapple and Richard Purdy. It’s always, uh, intriguing to see what they’re displaying in the store windows. Currently, they’re offering customers bat guano as a premium with the purchase of a book about gardening, bats, or vampires.

Where do they get the guano?

What can I say? Offbeat is essentially what Athens is about, and I assure you I am not complaining. It suits me just fine.

On, you can become a fan of Athens’ own Little Professor Book Center. Use the Indie Store Finder when you’re in unfamiliar territory. There’s also an Indie Store Finder app for the iPhone.

A dozen or so Little Professor franchises remain in the U.S. Praxis Bookstore Group, the parent company that owns the licensing rights to the Little Professor trademarks and business systems, evolved from the Little Professor brand as a service to help people who want to open independent bookstores.


5 Replies to “Free bat guano with qualifying book purchase”

  1. Bat Guano! I’m in! I love wacky places. I also love Indiebound. Those poor little indie’s are dying out, even though they are so cool. It is sad. :( I’m glad to see them binding together.


  2. Rich Purdy works hard at cultivating his image as a poor little wacky bookseller who’s on his last legs. Word on the street is that he hired a publicist in the high five-figure range to come up with the bat guano campaign. ^..^

    Like you, Jean, I’m enjoying IndieBound more and more as new features are added.

    Jay, I’m still contemplating my list of ten, at least one of which is also on your list.

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