Have you voted for your favorite SXSW panel proposals?

Two of my acquaintances in the book industry recently mentioned that their SXSW 2010 panel proposals are currently being put to a vote online. I’ve checked out their ideas and cast my votes, and so can you.

Bob Robertson-BoydBob Robertson-Boyd, online community builder extraordinaire and mastermind behind the promotion of WorldCat.org (“find items in libraries near you”) wants your vote for Discovery, Identity, and Rights: Three Deep Web Problems.

Most of us don’t know we have a deep web problem. It sounds vaguely pornographic, but it’s not. Robertson-Boyd hopes to discuss identity management mechanisms that can be used to provide access to controlled content (e.g., password- or key technology-protected content) while preserving the content owners’ business models. He promises to answer the question “What search sites are in use today to expose the deep Web?” It sounds like a panel that book publishers, news organizations, and international credit card thieves will appreciate. OK, I’m kidding about the last group of rapscallions. The truth is, I know writers who would love to have direct access to the most current scholarly journal articles that are eventually archived by JSTOR, and that’s just one example of controlled content.

If you think his panel idea is worth supporting, I hope you’ll vote for it. Here’s what Robertson-Boyd has to add:SXSW Interactive

If you really think it is good and worthwhile, could you ask some others that you know to vote for it? I want to put libraries in front of a lot of influential people and get them thinking about the services made available via libraries but otherwise hidden.

OCLC and libraries in general are in a good position to help expose deep web content. Also, few people understand that a lot (whooole LOT) of content isn’t exposed via search engines. We hope to get folks thinking about this, provide some context for the role that libraries can play, and identify more of the challenges in exposing deep web content.

BooksquareKassia Krozser, the intrepid blogger at Booksquare and one of four principals with the startup ebook publisher Quartet Press, is proposing to give SXSW 2010 attendees a preview Beyond Publishing: When Every Book is Connected to Everyone.

Krozser was kind enough to post links to the publishing-related SXSW panel proposals on her blog, so you can see descriptions of the prospective topics at a glance and vote for the ones you like.

If you can’t make it to Austin for SXSW Interactive next year, rest assured that many of the panels will make news. SXSW PanelPicker voting closes on September 4, 2009. Results should be revealed in October. Go!

[Updated on September 1, 2009]
Turns out Robertson-Boyd proposed the panel idea, but with the expectation of turning the actual presentation over to his colleagues. “Licensing content and authentication mechanisms are not my strong point,” he says. “I can describe the problem and direct those people who are subject matter experts toward what needs to happen on the Web, but the details are best left to the experts. If we’re accepted, the panel will delve deep into the publisher’s business models, access rights, identity management, and authentication.”

You can vote for his panel idea until September 4, 2009.

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