The Kubrick theme and IE8 seem incompatible

A couple of days ago, I was prompted to update my browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer, to version 8. The next time I viewed my blog, the default Kubrick theme was no longer displaying as it should. It took a while before I could find any discussion of the problem online. Now, it appears as though people think it will take a while for WordPress to attempt to modify Kubrick to comply with IE8. So, for the time being, the blog will look strange. If Kubrick and IE8 decide to play together, then I’ll work on the bugs in the custom header. Going back to the drawing board is now a regular occurrence. Getting frustrated about it would be pointless.

4 Replies to “The Kubrick theme and IE8 seem incompatible”

  1. No doubt it does, Mike. Of course, the compatibility issues are of much more concern to designers and developers than to users. As a consolation, IE8 includes something of a wayback button. In the address bar at the top of the screen there’s a small “Compatibility View” icon that looks like a broken page. Clicking on “Compatibility View” allows the page to display as it would have in a previous version of the browser.

    For now, I’ll overlook the unwieldy guillemets in my blogrolls and menus on the right side of the page. I’m pretending to be less irritated than I am, because I know it’s foolish to dwell on these things.

  2. Hi, I like the Kubrick theme, and I am happy that there are people who still use it. Your’s is one of the best Kubrick-based blog I have seen (however, i could not find out how did you put the slideshow on the front-page of your another site )

    Do you still have issues with newer web browsers?

  3. Hi, Ganesh:

    Thanks for the compliment. Ultimately, I purchased the custom design upgrade from to eliminate most of the little bugs, like the guillemets in the blogroll, that bothered me so much. Unordered lists still don’t work quite the way they should. I suspect I’d have more problems with a newer theme, so I hesitate to redesign.

    I based the other site on the Kubrick theme so it would match the blog. Recently, I added a plug-in from SlideDeck. It seems to work OK, but I confess that I haven’t tested it in all browsers. I was happy to discover that the slider displays properly on the iPad.

    I think SlideDeck sells premium themes with sliders included, but I share your opinion that Kubrick is the most user-friendly design.

    Your photos on Flickr are a treat, especially the captions.

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