Fortification for writers

Sharon Miller Cindrich, a columnist for Plugged In Parent and the Writer Mama e-newsletter, and author of E-Parenting: Keeping Up with Your Tech-Savvy Kids, interviewed me for one of the cover articles in the July 2009 issue of The Writer. “Recession Tips: Timely advice from agents” offers practical suggestions from six literary agents, including the versatile CEO of FinePrint Literary Management, Peter Rubie, and the cool and elegant Rita Rosenkranz, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at BEA last month.

The new issue of the magazine focuses on recommendations for writers who are trying to resist ever-present economic pressures in a rapidly changing marketplace. Copywriter Robert W. Bly contributes his tips on what crucial information to include in a writer’s website. For constructive encouragement, this might be a good publication to consult.

2 Replies to “Fortification for writers”

  1. Hi, Lynda:

    It’s a good magazine, and I’m in excellent company. Your library probably has the latest issue.

    On a completely different subject, until I moved to Athens, I’d never seen so many varieties of honeysuckle—and all in my back yard. An oriole showed up this week. What are you seeing in London?

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