Nice interface for book reviewers seeking ARCs

BookExpo America always renews my interest in the ways publishers are marketing and publicizing their books. Simon & Schuster has a new user interface designed for booksellers, librarians, and book reviewers who won’t be attending BEA but would like to request advance reading copies (ARCs) of forthcoming titles at no charge while supplies last. The invitation to the Atria Books Galley Grab comes from Judith Curr, Atria’s executive vice president and publisher. It’s a terrific idea, because the website is so easy to use. The Galley Grab also introduces Atria’s publicists to new contacts who can help with promotion, as bookstore employees, librarians, and book critics in all media opt in through the Web interface. If the reviewers register to receive galleys, maybe they’ll also begin a productive dialogue with Atria.

I’m looking forward to the reviews of God Sleeps in Rwanda. Fifteen additional titles are included in the Atria Books Galley Grab while supplies last.

2 Replies to “Nice interface for book reviewers seeking ARCs”

  1. I saw that too about Atria offering ARCs from their website. It’s too bad, though, that they didn’t extend that to include e-versions of the galleys. The more publishers begin offering them, the sooner reviewers and others will buy into reading them instead of the print editions, saving shipping costs, paper (ARCS can be expensive), and time.

  2. David:

    Book reviewers, booksellers, librarians, and academics can get digital or print ARCs from NetGalley. The digital versions are in two formats: PDF or a browser-based format that requires NetGalley’s reader application. Columbia University Press is one of the publishers that use NetGalley.

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