Poems for sale or rent… or free

National Poetry Month - April 2009April is National Poetry Month, and I’m tardy mentioning it, which is just wrong, since Mr. Misdiagnosed & Admitted is a fine poet. He’s not only good at writing and (of course) publishing poetry, he has a great voice for reading aloud. Here’s the proof.

(If you follow the link to the proof, the little orange graphic under the title is an audio player. Just click on the start button to hear “Unattended Consequences.” Then, check out the rest of the current issue of Unsplendid while you’re there.)

Every time I encounter poets who are spirited enough to find new ways to reach people with their work, I think of Douglas Goetsch’s account of teaching a group of exceptional high school students to write poetry on demand. After doing his best to familiarize them with the forms, Goetsch took the group of young poets to Palmer Square, in the heart of Princeton, New Jersey, and set up a roadside stand where they wrote customized poems on request and gave them to passersby.

This year, these poets and poetry projects reminded me of the poetry stand in Palmer Square:


Todd Boss

Zach Houston

And here are a few sources of poetry podcasts, if you really like being read to:

Apostrophe Cast>


Lively Words

More in a previous post…

I hope your April is poetry.

4 Replies to “Poems for sale or rent… or free”

  1. With poetry or any style of writing we form what we know as expression. Recently a teacher of mine introduced a topic called Socrate’s Cafe. This enabled us to informally express who what when where why and how without any judgement or stipulation or the english language. National Poetry Month would have to make the mind wander considering all the people out there that know how to put things into words we may not. I appreciate every event that takes place in my life and hope that it continues because I want to write for a living. People I have talked with have explained to me that my writing justifies the soul or makes the reader think transcendence such as Robert Bly’s Morning Glory. Never read it myself but I am sure he is a wonderful author. Could you possibly within your time send me in a direction of where I can go to write? I would appreciate any help I could receive without putting anybody out of their way. My email is chapmancasey7gmail.com

  2. Casey:

    I’m guessing at two things: 1) where you are, and 2) that you want to “go” to a physical location to write in the company of a group of people rather than joining an online writing critique group. If my guesses are accurate, you might be interested in the Rockland Authentic Writing Group, which meets in Stony Point and is organized by Marianne, who can be contacted at soulintune@gmail.com. You can find similar groups through Meetup.com and Facebook.

    You could also join the Socrates Cafe discussion group that meets monthly in Stamford, Connecticut, and is organized by Patricia Rattray; however, it’s not a writing group.

    Let me know if this information is helpful.

  3. Robin,

    Thanks for posting the link to Lively Words.

    I’m very interested in seeing what else is going on out there in the literary podcast realm and your post helped with that.

    I look forward to following your future postings.


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