Where to learn about self-publishing

Gold Star Site - Writer MamaWriter Mama Christina Katz prompted a lot of good questions when she guest blogged here earlier this week. Among the comments, a recurring theme was self-publishing. I can’t speak for Christina, whose opinion was sought, but I can offer a few links to good online discussions of POD (print on demand) and self-publishing.

POD and self-publishing are different things, though sometimes the terms are interchanged thoughtlessly. To avoid misunderstandings, writers should always strive for precision when the topics come up. Here’s where you can learn more:

The Comprehensive Guide to Self-Publishing [Added on April 6, 2009]
by Darlene Johnson

An Incomplete Guide to Print-on-Demand Publishers
by Clea Saal

April L. Hamilton, Indie Author

Dan Poynter’s ParaPublishing.com

5 Great services for self-publishing your book
by Mike Rosen-Molina on MediaShift

List of Print-on-Demand (POD) Printers and Publishers
by John Kremer


Self-Publishing Review [Added on April 15, 2009]

Pricing My Books” [Added on April 7, 2009]
by Henry Melton

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books:
The Cost of Self Publication, Ebook vs. Print: One Person’s Story” [Added on April 7, 2009]

The Publishing Quadrant: Where do you belong?
[Added on April 20, 2009]
by Joanna Penn on Booksquare

Self-publish boom challenging old order
by John Sterlicchi in the Guardian

Wanna be a paperback writer?
by Robin Raskin

Let me know if you’ve found other good sources of information on POD and self-publishing, and I’ll add them to the list. This post shouldn’t be interpreted as a recommended course of action; it’s simply a list of resources for those who are considering self-publishing and want to do the appropriate research.

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