Luci, you’ve won the book giveaway!

LuciLuci, who blogs at DivinelyWritten and has contributed to Hip Mama, won the prize, a copy of Writer Mama signed by the author, guest blogger Christina Katz.

Yesterday in the Pacific Northwest, Luci posted the final comment answering the question Christina posed to writers and readers who came to see what the Writer Mama had to say here in the (virtual) Midwest on the final stop of her crazy mad March blog book tour giveaway. The name of everyone who commented was entered into a drawing, and Luci’s name was selected at random.

Congratulazioni, Lucia! An inscribed copy of Writer Mama, How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids by Christina Katz (Writer’s Digest Books 2007) will soon be on its way to you.

Writer Mama by Christina KatzI wasn’t surprised to see how loyal Christina’s former students can be. They subscribe to her e-zine, they both host and show up at her blog book tour stops, they follow her writing and networking advice—all because Christina’s disarming candor makes it easy to get to know and trust her.

Christina and I met at the luncheon for attendees and presenters during the BookExpo America/Writer’s Digest Books Writers Conference in Los Angeles in 2008. She glanced at my conference badge, then looked me in the eye and asked, “So, how do you like being an intern at F+W?” The realization that my name tag identified me as an intern came as a shock, because I’d been admonished repeatedly to call myself anything but that. Technically, Writer’s Digest Books wasn’t putting me through an internship. I might have defied categorization for any number of reasons, but a title of some sort was required on my event ID badge. As it turned out, the guidebook to which I contributed identified me on the cover as a senior editor. I took that to indicate I was by far the oldest of the writers who worked on it.

Christina introduced herself as a Writer’s Digest Books author that day at the conference luncheon, and it was a pleasure to find common ground. She and I have remained in touch ever since, and good things have come of the connection. Almost immediately, we served as midwives at the birth of a debut novel, but maybe fertility specialists at the conception is a better metaphor. In any case, Christina and I sincerely enjoy making good things happen for other writers. It’s the mothering instinct.

Because some of you are returning to Treated & Released today to find out who won the Writer Mama book giveaway, I’ll take the opportunity to be motherly.

I gave some (really, way too much) thought to how random drawings ought to be conducted. Cutting up pieces of paper with your names written on them and putting them in a hat seemed foolish in the age of the iPod Shuffle, but I was busy yesterday, and the antiquated method was the only one that came to mind. Working out a better system that was truly random took too much concentration, so I did things the old way.

The book publishing industry is currently in the same kind of quandary about innovation. With work in progress, profits to maintain, and paychecks to deliver—not to mention towering slushpiles to address—staying abreast of digital technology and dealing with the emerging competition takes more concentration than any amount of caffeine can supply on a daily basis. During these transitional times, publishers demand more of their authors. Writers who want to see their books published can find many ways to make themselves more appealing to publishers, and they can start by keeping tabs on the state of the industry.

If you’re so inclined, check out the following blogs and websites that cover the book publishing business. They’ll provide you with insight and education.

The Authors Guild


Magical Words, particularly David B. Coe’s post “Business Realities for the Beginning Writer

Publishing in the 21st Century

The Shatzkin Files

And of course, sign up for the empowering e-zines Christina Katz offers. Knowledge of the business side of publishing, which is often free and easy to obtain, will position you far ahead of your competition.

Thanks for visiting!

3 Replies to “Luci, you’ve won the book giveaway!”

  1. Robin,

    Thank you for being such a generous hostess! And congratulations to Luci!

    I hope everyone will subscribe to this blog, as Robin always offers only the very best advice.

    I’ll post a wrap-up about the blog tour tomorrow!

  2. Oh wow! What a treat! Thank you Robin for hosting. And of course Christina for the tour. I’ve got lots of writer friends I can give my second copy to, :)

    I will also be subscribing to your blog, Robin. Lots of great stuff!

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